Best Mini Chainsaw 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

setting up a portable chainsaw

Need a small sized chainsaw to do tight space pruning and woodwork? Are the large sized chainsaws too much to handle for a teeny tiny job? If you’re someone who loves camping, trekking and stuff but dread the thought of having to carry around heavy tools for just a 10 minute work, these 5 mini … Read more

How to Oil your Pole Saw Correctly

how to oil a pole saw

Lubrication is a huge part of maintaining your pole saws to ensure it lasts as long as your satisfactory meter goes. Different parts require different ways of cleaning and maintaining them. When it comes to lubrication, the most important parts that need to be oiled is the bar and chain. In this page, you’ll be … Read more

How to Protect Apple Trees From Disease

apple trees free of pesticides

Did you know that apples are considered one of the most pesticide-contaminated items in the produce section of the grocery store? Although they may look healthy, do you know what chemicals have been sprayed on them? If you want pesticide-free apples, you can pay a premium for organic apples, or grow them yourself. With dwarf … Read more

Basics of Landscape Planning

planning a landscaping garden

There are several ways to approach the planning and basic landscaping around your property. All of them should take into consideration the needs and interests of you and your family, whether you are moving into a brand new home that is as bare outside as in, or whether you have an older house with a … Read more

How to Take Care of Trees in the Winter Season

frost effect on a tree

The storms, ice and the fast changing temperature variations both above and below zero characteristics of winter weather in the United States can take their toll on trees throughout the country. Even for species native to chillier regions this is a difficult time. And this is particularly real for the exposed and isolated trees that … Read more

How to Use a Pole Saw? [Beginner’s Guide and Useful Tips]

using a pole saw

Do you truly aspire your garden to look slick and manicured throughout the year? No matter what season/climate it is – sunny, rainy, winter or even Covid season? For all those “picture perfect sceneries” in your mind to come into reality, there’s this one tool which is of utmost importance – a pole saw. The … Read more

Front Garden Ideas for the Beginner Gardener

idea for a front garden

Adding attractive landscaping to the front of your home increases its value and brings beauty to the neighborhood. Depending on the size of your front yard, and the amount of sun it receives, you may have a huge selection of plants from which to choose.                     … Read more

The Easy Guide on How to Use a Chainsaw Sharpener

how to sharpen a chainsaw

For any tool or instrument that cuts or saws you have to expect they will become dull at some point. This is the case with chain saws as well. If you use your chainsaw frequently you will notice it is becoming dull and it will need to be sharpened. Be especially careful if you do … Read more

The Mini Guide on How to Relocate a Tree

how to relocate trees with a machinery

Some trees are pretty valuable to us. They could be costly, or simply dear to us do to being something we cared for and raised as a sapling. When we move houses, we obviously want such trees to come with us, but moving a tree is not the same as simply taking a flower out … Read more