Why Should You Invest in an Electric Chainsaw?

cut logs with a chainsaw

Long gone are the days where manual chainsaws were operated by two grown men tirelessly sawing on both ends to bring down those big trees. With the help of technology and growing knowledge, that misery was replaced by gas chain saws. Similarly, in today’s era, the gas chain saws are now being over-waved by electric … Read more

How to Grow and Care for a Cassia Tree

grow and care for a cassia tree

Cassia trees are breathtaking, with their heavily decorated branches in bright yellow flowers. For anyone willing to bring something unique in their garden, cassias will definitely do the job. They are commonly seen on the streets of tropical cities, and it is impossible not to stagger you with their beauty. Most probably you would like … Read more

How to Care for and Maintain Your Garden Tools

care and maintain garden tools

Creating and nurturing a beautiful garden takes lots of patience, perseverance and passion for gardening, to turn it into a worthy while. Amateur gardeners might find gardening, tiring and slow to results.   But, that’s where our mighty gardening tools come to our rescue. Any experienced gardener knows the value of caring for such tools … Read more

Best Nail Gun for Trim Work 2020 [A Beginner’s Guide]

a nail gun for trim work

As a new consumer, it’s a common question to all. However, you don’t need to struggle much to find the right kind of product. We’re going to acquaint you with some of the best nail guns. An efficient nail gun plays a crucial role in accomplishing trim works with much satisfaction. It can handle trim, … Read more

How to Prune a Tree to Keep It Small

avoid cutting healthy branches

Pruning a tree is a delicate process, but it’s important for the purpose of curbing excessive growth. There is a variety of reasons why allowing a tree to grow wider and taller might not be the best plan for your garden; for example, it may end up crossing over property boundaries, overshadowing other trees, or … Read more

3 Best Black & Decker Pole Saw Reviews in 2021

best black and decker pole saw

You have to admit that we all dream about owning a massive white-marble mansion surrounded by gardens, tree-paths, fountains, a golf course and a bijou race course. But does your dream include the maintenance part as well? Probably…not. No matter how big or small your house is regular maintenance of the garden and trees is … Read more

6 Tips for Building the Ultimate Backyard Treehouse 

beware of tree damage and injuries 

The construction of treehouses has appealed to humans for a long time. In recognition of that, we have gathered some tips and ideas to help you build a treehouse in your own backyard. With the correct hand tools for woodworking, you can create a beautiful model. 1. Let the tree grow Trees will move in several different directions … Read more

6 Easy Lawn Maintenance Tips for Beginners

lawn maintenance

The secret to a healthy-looking lawn is, of course, regular maintenance. Aside from sourcing the best lawn grass and stocking up on organic fertilizers and pest control solutions, you should also be ready to get your hands dirty.  Lawn Maintenance Tips Source: NinaMalyna (Shutterstock) Whether you choose to do it once a week or every … Read more

How to Fix Continuous Spinning of the Weed Eater String

This problem of continuous spinning of the weed eater string is very common among new users of this tool and can make your head spin just as much. But, once you get a hold of how to easily fix this problem without the need of reaching out to a professional, you’ll be back to weeding … Read more

A beginner’s guide to DIY lawn striping

beginner guide to diy lawn striping pic

Do you ever look at your neighbor’s lawn and wonder how they got it to look so nice? There’s something soothing about looking at a lawn that has different shades of green. Your neighbours might have had a professional mowing company come over to mow it, but the secret is you can actually do it … Read more