Why should we invest on an electric chainsaw?

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With so many advancements in cutting electric tools, electric chainsaw is yet most preferred one because of the facts that its maintenance cost is very low and boasts clean energy. It is always better to invest in electric chainsaw than other options because its cutting power is outstanding. After knowing the pros and cons of electric chainsaw we can take a right decision why we should prefer electric chainsaw over others versions.

Electric chainsaw has various advantages over gas operated one. Usually people think that electric chainsaw is not powerful one. But this is not true. In fact the electric chainsaw can be utilized with 8 to 18inch bar blade. There are various advantages of electric chainsaw which makes it a profitable investment.  Some of the noteworthy advantages of the electric chainsaw are as

  • Electric chainsaw is ideal for the yard work.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry and handle.
  • Start with one push button and put off with off switch hence easy to start and stop instantly.
  • Reaches tail branches easily hence more effective than gas saws.
  • No fear of smoke or pollution hence environment-friendly and safe for the health of operator.
  • When compared to gas saws the noise level is minimal.
  • The maintenance cost compared to other versions is very low.
  • The electric chainsaws typically vibrate less and have much less of the kickback than those of gasoline type.

  • The only drawback electric chainsaw has the limitation to work; these saws are not very suitable for heavy jobs like cutting of big trees. Also the electricity available at the site of work may be the hindrance in such cases battery operated chainsaws is made available. For people who do not want the cord to be the hindrance in their work can go for cordless chainsaws. They can easily be operated and maintained.

The final say

Primarily the electric chainsaws are used for pruning the tree branches, trimming and cutting of medium sized trees. Since electric chainsaws have negligible kickback and no vibration these are used in the art of wood carving in workshops. The blade length of the chain electric saw is maximum 16 inches so practically it can cut the tree down less than the twice the length of the blade by rotating it around the area of tree being cut. However in case if the size of tree to be cut is very heavy the electric chainsaws may not be suitable in such cases gas saws are useful. The electric chainsaws acts as middle ground between gas powered and cordless chainsaws, for some people electric chainsaws are incredibly easier to handle due to the lower motor power, less noise and minimum kick back and require less chain lubricant comparing to gas saws. Electric chainsaws can do anything that a cordless saw can do except very heavy duty jobs.Remington electric chainsaw

Viewing the advantages of electric chainsaws one can say it is worth investing on it but all depends upon your requirement and nature of work you need to perform the task, but in any case most suitable and advantageous over gas saws for medium jobs.

Safety aspects

As per the study use of electric chainsaw results in more accidents than other versions of saws if proper safety precautions are not adhered to while handling electric chainsaws which are as follows:-

  • First and foremost always wear the proper safety gears while working with chainsaws like protect your eyes, ears and use gloves. Wear tight clothing and protect your face with the safety guard.
  • Secondly make sure the maintenance of your tools to the optimal like sharpening of blades, tightening of chain and use of lubricants before use and on frequent intervals to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure to make a proper grip with both hands on your chainsaw and position your feet firmly on the ground, avoid cutting with tip of blade.
  • Lastly make sure your safety from a falling branch of tree to avoid injury.

To conclude we can say that it is worth spending on good electric chainsaws for small and medium type of cutting work.