Toro 51487 24-Volt Weed Eater/Wacker Review

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Toro 51487 is the latest version of a popular model Toro 51486 that is provided with a 24-volt powerful lithium ion battery along with an advanced engine.

Its powerful engine offers an operating time of about forty to sixty minutes while its charging time is around one hours in unlikely conditions where users have to complete their tasks in sessions.

Its automatic line feed that becomes 6mm or ¼ inch advanced each time you pause and restart. The Toro 24-volt cordless trimmer has 12 inches wide cutting blade.

It is quiet and lighter in weight as compared to gas powered trimmers. Also, users can easily convert it into an edger that provides dual benefits to them.

Key Features

  • 12 inches wide cutting blade
  • Powerful 24 volts 43.2 Watt-Hr lithium powered battery
  • Provided with automatic feed line
  • Adjustable power saver cutting ability
  • 2 years limited warranty
  • Single line having 0.065 inches of diameter
  • Weights 3.26 kilograms (7.2 pounds)

Toro 51487 weed wacker

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  • Performance

The trimmer works in the manner a user wants it to trim/edge. It is a well made, sturdy trimmer having a number of remarkable features that make it an ideal equipment to perform different chores with ease and convenience. Another reason of its amazing performance is its light weight that enables users to handle it easily and operate or adjust it as per their requirements. Normally, the Toro 51487 weed eater is ideal for small to medium-sized yards.

  • Battery

It lithium in powered battery is provided with a light function that shows when the battery requires to recharge. The amount of energy it utilizes to do the required tasks makes it an ideal piece for people having small or medium yards. You can easily work for around forty to sixty minutes with this trimmer and after this, you will have to recharge it for about an hour. The adjustable power saver cut, which reduces the length from twelve inches to ten inches, will save your money and string as well.

  • Fresh cutting strings

With the help of its semi-automatic string feed, you will be able to create fresh strings because it is as convenient as you are starting and stopping the weed eater


The benefits of Toro 51487 will definitely outweigh its disadvantages but there are different aspects that need to be mentioned and people have complained about them.

  • Sub-standard battery

The quality of battery provided with Toro 51487 lithium ion trimmer is not as good as was available with Toro 51486. Basically, the battery of Toro 51487 offers power of 43.2 watts whereas, 51486 version has a battery of 88.8 watts.

  • Advancement in line

Most of the customers complained that they do not find its automatic advancement ability every time when they stop and restart it. Sometimes, they do not require any advancement but will have to bear it each time. So, they have to use it continuously until the task has been completed.

How to use it best?

Since it is a light weight trimmer, you can use it on tough weeds and grass to trim them and make your garden to look more beautiful. Also, you can edge the sidewalks, drive ways with Toro 51487 as it works well to satisfy such types of needs.

Who this product is best for?

People, who love environment and do not wish to pollute it, this weed eater is ideal for them. It is even suitable for users who want an easy-to-manage utility that is quiet as well.

A lot of people have tried this trimmer and found it suitable according to their certain needs. Some of the customers have been using Toro’s product for a long time and they have declared Toro 51487 as the best of all as it is light in weight and can be managed easily. Some even consider it perfect to trim or edge any type of area. It can also work in difficult-to-reach areas.

However, its design is not so substantial or rugged as compared to cheaper trimmers. Some customers found difficulties in assembling locks as they rotate from the bottom of pole in either direction.

The Toro 51487 cordless trimmer has received overall positive reviews from the customers. Some are satisfied with what they have received whereas some still want it to be more efficient and powerful.


On average, it is a good equipment to invest in. All you need is to have experience on how to use it and knowledge what needs to be done to make it more efficient. You can purchase it whenever you want no matter where are you from.