7 Tips to Use of Lawn Sprinklers for A Perfect Lawn

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Use of lawn sprinklers effectively and perfectly can make a very awesome yard and home. They produce the best results when some of the factors are considered such as temperature, time of the day and soil quality.

Actually, regulation and these factors are what should be focused on, These factors will guide on proper ways of regulating lawn sprinklers for perfect results.

What are the Tips to Use of Lawn Sprinklers?

  • First, they are supposed to be opened when grass needs water. This will be determined by seeing the color of the grass. They turn their color when to blue gray and begin to wilt when they need water.They should not be over watered because it will lead to development of fungus and diseases. Frequency of watering them depend on the environmental factors such as wind and temperature.
  • Second, open lawn sprinklers very early in the morning. There is no evaporation at this time and the wind is calm. The lawn should not be watered with hot water! They scald the grass. Run the hoses for hot water to flow out of the lawn. The best time to open lawn sprinklers is actually between 4 am and 9 am,why? It is because the air is cool and the wind is calm.
  • Third, lawn sprinklers should be properly focused to water the lawn. This is because the lawn itself requires the moisture. This will save water. Sidewalks should not be watered as it will make the whole place ugly.It will enhance proper monitoring as it will be possible to move around the lawn and many walks will lead to a path-like formation.
  • Fourth, depth watering should be done. It will lead to depth root growth. This will avoid drought and diseases brought about by shallow watering. How is that done? Achieve this by determining the depth of the root zone and how long the lawn sprinklers should be opened.Normally, water should penetrate eight to twelve inches for most of the grasses.
  • . Fifth, run-off should not be created. Why so? This will waste a lot of water and the lawn will look ugly due to water run ways. Regulation will enable you achieve this. It should be opened for some time then closed for the ground to absorb water.This will also encourage deep watering. It should be done so until enough watering has been done by lawn sprinklers.
  • Sixth, Lawn sprinklers should not be opened while it is raining. If the sprinkler is timed to do its job, then rain sensor should be installed. Expectation of rain should also be considered using rain gauge to determine the expected amount of watering.
  • Seventh, it should be considered if the entire lawn requires equal amount of water. If not, different water sprinklers are required for cases of installed lawn sprinkler system. It should not be ignored as it will not produce desirable results and expectations


The above tips are very important if accurately followed. It will yield fruits as everybody could want. Use of lawn sprinklers and proper regulation will, therefore, aid in this