Basic Maintenance Tips for Cordless Pole Saws

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Plants and trees are good for our environment. When you have the trees on your property, Pruning the branches to get a good shape of branches would be the best choice instead of cutting the whole tree. For making the short work of pruning the errant branches, using the cordless pole saw would be a great choice. Pole saw is also called as the pole pruner where the mini-chainsaw is installed into. The pole can be extendable to the length of 6 or 8 inches of cutting area. Pole saw is normally meant for cutting the branches instead of the whole tree trunk.

Extension pole equipped with the chainsaw could easily reach out the branches for pruning. Detachable pole saw acts as a perfect tool reach the small limb or branches for trimming. This dual purpose product has the electric chainsaw with the separate operating unit and later assembled to the telescoping pole. The non-slip grip of the pole saw is much more comfortable to cut branches at overhead height. This little guide show you cordless pole saw reviews.

Cordless Pole Saw Maintenance:

  • Make sure chain oil reservoir in Cordless Pole Saw is filled with the highest bar before use
  • Check for any loose screws, bolts or nuts
  • Scan pole saw for any damages before starting up
  • Pole saw blade cutters needs to be sharp with right chain tension
  • When chain is tightened during operation then you need to loosen the tension
  • Clean all guide bar rails when you replace or sharpen chains
  • Manually oil chains passages
  • Keep the chains spinning free
  • Clean the equipment using damp cloth

Tips For Using Cordless Pole Saws:

Choosing the best power-to-weight ratio pole saws would be the convenient option. It is necessary to get the best piece of equipment with the support features to make our work done completely. For example, a 14-pound saw is not much heavy but when you lift the chainsaw with the pole, then you could feel the heaviness. Choosing an appropriate pole saw with suitable weight would be the best choice. Using the pole saws requires more precaution and it is necessary to implement the appropriate method for operating it efficiently and safely.

  • Comfortable Grip:

Make sure both the feet are in good position and firm. Keep good base and make your feet balanced. While using Pole Saw, you should not take the foot off ground. You need to keep both your hands on Pole Saw while operating.

  • Check Area Thoroughly:

While cutting trees or branches, you need to make sure that your area is clear without power lines or property damages. The area where you stand or move will be free of the trip hazards.

  • Climate Conditions:

It is not recommended to operate the cordless Pole Saw under any climatic conditions like potentially rainy or windy.

  • Know The Condition Of Tree:

Sometimes, a loose bark, dead branches or rotting areas could cause the different reactions when cutting with the Pole Saw. They could be cut faster and more vulnerable so it is necessary to take appropriate precautions.