Sun Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw Reviews


The Sun Joe SWJ800E is part of a range of pole saw that offer durability and safety with expert ease. It’s light yet strong structure allows you to not only trim the unruly hedges but shape the tall trees without you having to take your feet off the ground for a second. Its solid 15 feet reach allows you to reach the tallest of trees and trim the overhanging branches with ease.

It also boasts of 6.5 amp motor and can saw off the most stubborn of branches even when the branches are over 7 inches in girth. Using simple maneuvering techniques, you can adjust the pole to reach the highest and thickest of branches without leaving the safety of solid ground. Its ultra-light body also makes portability easy.sunjoe pole saw

Key Features and Specifications:

  • The product is green in colour
  • The adjustable telescoping pole can be extended up to 8.7 feet, giving you an overhead reach of about 15 feet
  • The Sun Joe SWJ800E pole chain saw boasts of a 6.5-ampere motor that combines raw power and tenacity
  • With a little maneuvering, the pole chain saw can trim off branches that are over 7 inches in girth with expert ease
  • It lets you have your feet planted firmly on solid ground while cutting off unruly hedges and overhanging branches and so puts safety first
  • The chainsaw has an Oregon cutting bar and chain that is lubricated automatically
  • The product is also CSA approved
  • It comes with full 2 years’ worth of warranty
  • It is lightweight and durable. The chainsaw itself is about 7 pounds and the shipping weight is 9.7 pounds.
  • The pole chainsaw’s dimensions are 68.5 by 5.9 by 3.3 inches.
  • The product is powered electrically which means it that raw power is one push of a button away. So, unlike in the case of gas-powered ones, you don’t ever have to deal with smoke or fumes.
  • It also features a safety switch that is built-in to prevent accidental starting

  • It puts safety first and lets you safely trim overhanging branches with ease
  • Can cut branches that are over 7 inches thick
  • Has an automatic oiler for its 8 inch Oregon chain and bar
  • Powers up at the push of a button and so no problems related to smoke, gas or fumes
  • The Sun Joe pole chainsaw can reach up to 15 feet

  • The product has some portability issues.

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The Sun Joe SW800JE pole chainsaw is the answer to all your garden trimming needs. It combines safety with durability and tenacity. It features raw and robust power in the form of its 6.5 amp motor. The 8 inch Oregon bar and chain is automatically lubricated, taking away the hassle of manual lubrication. Since it is powered by electricity and has no gas or other such fuel requirements, using it mean that you get the clean power that is smoke and fume free. It also puts safety first in the form of its built-in safety switch that prevents accidental starting.

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