Silky Hayauchi 179-39 Telescoping Pole Saw Review

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Are you looking for a pole saw that is best in the job and works in an efficient way?. Well, if the answer is yes, then in this piece of content you will learn about the Silky 179-39 telescoping landscaping pole saw.

In the market, there are quite a lot of pole saw makers. But Silky Hayauchi is one of the top brands and finest pole saw manufacturers available in the market right now.

Talking about the Silky hayauchi telescoping pole saw… well there are quite a lot of features that makes this pole saw the best in the business and one of the first choices when it comes to pole saws.

Just in case if you are wondering about its features then read on. In this post, we will be talking about the silky 179-39 telescoping pole saw’s features. As well we will mention about the pros and cons of the gardening tool. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much time.

using a silky 179-39 telescoping pole saw

Product Specifications

The Silky 179-39 is one of such professional pole saws that come with extra long pole saws. However just to make you understand better about the gardening tool here are the top specifications:

  • The pole saw comes with an aluminum alloy and the extension pole comes as an oval shaped. That helps you to get more control on the pole saw also you can control the blade direction.
  • This is one of the long handled saw that can exceed its limit up to 21 feet and the minimum height of the pole saw is 8 feet. However, the Silky 179-39 telescoping landscaping pole saw is capable of providing a maximum work range of 26 feet. This is enough in most of the cases.
  • The Silky Hayauchi 21-ft pole saw also comes with a teeth configuration of 5.5 teeth per inch. The teeth configuration is capable of cutting thick tree limbs in an efficient way.
  • The blade of the Silky 179-39 can be adjusted and set in two different angles. The both of the angle adjustment provides lower and higher cutting features for upper and lower sickle. The upper sickle helps you to cut down the vines of the trees and the lower sickle helps you to undercut bark. In simple words, the Lower sickle adjustment provides a clean cut without damaging the tree. Talking about the upper sickle cut adjustment prevents the blade from slipping off the limb.
  • At the end of the Silky 179-39 telescoping landscaping pole saw there is a shock absorber. Also, it has comfortable rubber that ensures that good hold and control. This helps you to get more control over the pole saw so you can work in a safe yet efficient way.
  • The silky pole saw quickly connects to its attachments. That means you will not need any other tool to attach the blade and the pole saw together. This saves quite a lot of time and offers a smooth user experience. Just attach the blade to the pole saw and you are good to go.


silky 179-39 pole saw

  • The Silky pole saw comes with a long handle and exceeds up to 21 feet. This pole saw also offers a working range of 26 feet. This is enough for cutting higher tree limbs and branches without spending much strength.
  • The pole saw quickly connects to its attachments. This saves a lot of time also you do not have to carry unnecessary tools to set up the pole saw.
  • The Silky Hayauchi pole saw is a perfect tool for pruning and trimming. Also, you can use it for arborist and forestry. The tool is also perfect for lawn & garden work.
  • The pole saw comes with a curved sharp blade. This will allow you to cut down the tree limbs and branches in just a few cuts.

  • This pole saw has a weight of 7.35 pounds this includes the weight of blade cover, aluminum handle, and the shock absorber rubber. The weight can be heavy to some people, however for most of the people it will be an easy task to handle the pole saw.
  • You may have to purchase the Silky pole accessories additionally as the pole saw does not come with other needed accessories. So if you feel a need for other accessories then you have to pay for them additionally.

However, there are also a few things to remember while working with the Silky 179-39 telescoping landscaping pole saw. So before you start working on the pole saw, make sure you have read all the manuals and safety guidelines shared with the pole saw.

Also before attaching the blade, try to hold the pole saw and make yourself comfortable. You also need to pay a special attention while attaching the blade to the pole saw. As the blade is sharp and anything could go wrong. So while attaching the blade it is advisable to be careful.

Moreover, you should never let a kid use a pole saw as pole saws are kind of heavy and something can go wrong. After getting done with your work it is advisable to dismantle all of the poles saw parts and keep them safe.

While working with the pole saw make sure you are enough comfortable with the device, if the pole saw seems heavy to you. Then be extra careful also after attaching the blade to the pole and make sure its well attached. Also, do not let anyone stand around the work area. Basically, while working on the pole saw, make sure you are working in the safest way.

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