Pros and Cons of Electric Chainsaw

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Gone are the days when manual chainsaws were used. In the modern era they have been replaced by the electric chainsaws to a large extent. A chainsaw is a great device and highly portable. The mechanical saw is provided for cutting and the rotating chain runs along a guided bar. Electric chainsaw has simplified many tasks to a great extent. Whether it is tree cutting, pruning, construction related work, bucking, cutting firebreaks, harvesting or any other specialized task, its role is commendable.

There are both pros and cons associated with an electric chainsaw. If you need knowledge about these aspects then you have surely come to the right place. Here you will get a complete idea about the advantages as well as disadvantages associated with the Electric Chainsaw.

Pros associated with electric chainsaw

  • Easy to use

Electric chainsaw can be of two types. It can be corded or cordless. The corded model runs on power supply and the cordless model runs on rechargeable battery. Both the electric models are very easy as well as safe for usage. You will not face any kind of inconvenience while operating it.

  • Light in weight

One of the major advantages of electric chainsaws is that they are light in weight. As compared to the gas based saws they are far less in weight. Thus, you will not feel tired if you will use an electric chainsaw.

  • Limited noise

A great aspect about electric chainsaws is that they don’t make any loud noises. Just a small sound is produced that is completely bearable. Thus if you are living in a noise sensitive area where your neighbors might have an objection to noisy tasks then electric chainsaw is the best option.

  • Faster results

As compared to a manual chainsaw you can expect faster and much better results with an electric chainsaw. So, for any cutting needs related to home, farm or office these are one of the most preferable devices.

  • Affordable

Very large sized electrical chainsaws, that are used for industrial operations may be heavily priced but the normal kind of electric chainsaws for daily use and casual operations are priced very reasonably. You can get the best options in this category through the online platform.

  • Simple design

The design of electric chainsaw is generally very simple to understand. Just by going through the instruction manual you can get a complete idea that how it needs to be operated using the specified buttons. You don’t have to be a skilled task master to understand its design and working mechanism.

  • Simple maintenance

Electric chainsaws are very easy to maintain and you can easily shift them to the desired place. The only need is battery power or power connection. You may need to do a little oiling or chain tightening from time to time. Unlike the gas based chainsaws you don’t have to worry about mixing the fuel and oil for its operation.


Cons associated with electric chainsaw

  • They need electricity or battery power to operate

The main problem with an electric chainsaw is that it is completely dependent on power supply or battery power. Thus you need to have constant access to power supply in some or the other way to operate these devices.

  • Many electric chainsaws are just fit for casual use

The simple electric chainsaws are just fit for casual use. They are not suitable for high end operations. For bigger tasks you should have a really high powered electric chainsaw or a gas powered chainsaw that supports heavy cutting. A normal kind of electric chainsaw is fit for general purpose use in home, farm or office.

  • Corded chainsaw can restrict the area of usage

If you are using a corded electric chainsaw then it can restrict your usage because the length of the cord is limited. You always have to search for a power point nearby and in case you want to increase the length of the cord then you must have an extension arrangement. A battery operated model may also run out at times when the battery power is completely drained.


By going through the above mentioned information you must have got a complete idea by now that there are both advantages as well as limitations of electric chainsaw. Thus, before buying a device like this you must keep all these points in mind. The information shared here will definitely help in making a wise decision.