How to Use a Pole Saw? [Beginner’s Guide and Tips]

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Do you need your garden to look beautiful at all times? If the answer is yes, consider using a pole saw. After all, landscaping or gardening is no simple task. A pole saw will come in handy if your garden contains trees. It can cut high branches and can be handled by anybody.

First of all, a pole saw is an important tool for people who have a garden. It not only helps when it comes to pruning, cutting, felling, and trimming small trees, but also helps to protect you when disasters – like hurricanes, earthquakes and tornados – occur.

When it comes to choosing a pole saw, it is important to choose the best type for your home and comfort. Pole saws are important for the majority of homeowners.

A pole saw can be a very valuable tool for homeowners who need to keep their garden or yard manicured. The right kind of pole saw can make pruning jobs easy and reduce logs to manageable sizes, as well as cut firewood.

However, before purchasing a pole saw, consider a few factors. A pole saw helps to prune trees and shrubs and is handy for general maintenance. However, pruning ornamental trees, as well as shrubs, becomes an easy job with the right kind of pole saw.

If you have a garden with trees, or do plenty of landscaping, you will like this valuable, powerful tool. Most models are electric. This is the best choice for the average home. A pole saw is a sort of miniature saw and the best choice for cutting through long tree branches.

To use the pole saw in a safe manner, you must consider the guidelines and, potentially, approach a professional pole saw advisor to get more tips and reduce risks.

When it comes to choosing a pole saw, you have different options. Every type comes with a useful option and is tailored to meet different needs, so you must choose the one based on your personal needs. A pole saw is equal parts great, but these are also dangerous, so you must be aware of its process and careful when operating it.

Types of Pole Saws

Different types of pole saws are available in the market! As per your personal preferences, you can select any of them and turn difficult tasks into easy ones.

A rechargeable battery powers the cordless pole saws and it lasts for an hour. You are advised to select a pole saw with the lithium-Ion battery instead of the Ni-Cd battery. In comparison to the Ni-Cad battery, the lithium-Ion battery performs better and has higher durability.

Maintaining this pole saw is easy, aside from chain sharpening, as there is no extra maintenance expense. This is its biggest advantage. As it is rechargeable and cordless, it can be used anywhere.

Gas powered pole saws are well-known for their powerful performance. They are equipped with heavy-duty chains and bars to cut thick branches – the kind that electric poles cannot manage! Gas pole saws consist of shafts scaling 9 inches which, amazingly, helps to cut the big stuff, as well as tall trees. They are heavier than the electric motors but can be easily balanced and operated.

Electric pole saws are quite popular due to their convenience. Simply plug them into an electric socket and start trimming. They are designed for small works of trimming and their blades measure 6-10 inches. Maintenance expense for this pole saw is zero. They are lighter than cordless models because they do not require a battery.

If you invest in the right pole saw, you can get amazing results. However, it is essential to handle the equipment attentively! If mishandled, the machine could cause severe damage. So, follow safety precautions while operating it. For example, you can use a protective helmet for extra safety.

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Benefits of Using a Pole Saw

  • They are lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • These wills make garden work easier
  • Less expensive

Steps to follow while using a pole saw

When it comes to using a pole saw, it is important to consider the following steps:

  • Clear your work area before beginning your activities.
  • Plan prior to cutting a branch. Removing the sub-branches first will make it easier for you to cut the big branches, for the weight of the branch will be reduced.
  • Before taking action, ensure that you hold the saw in the right position
  • Position your body in the correct position. This way, it will be easier for you to control the equipment while it is in action.
  • Begin cutting after making a groove with slow strokes. This will make it easier for you to cut the full branch.

To use a pole saw in a safe manner, you must remember the following:

  • Operate this machine in daylight only. Visibility is key.
  • You must avoid using it in rainy weather as it may cause mishaps.
  • You need to check any electrical wires or any other objects around and beside the tree limbs.
  • If you are using an electrical pole saw, you need to check whether the cord is messed up or not, as this may hinder the saw’s performance.
  • If it is a thick branch, don’t apply your DIY skills, as it will be too tough to handle. Ask for professional help.
  • Keep your cord untangled.
  • You must take regular breaks.

However, working on high wood is not easy. Pole saws are a great tool for cutting high branches in your garden without any complications. Usually, an electric pole saw is the best type for the average home because this type comes with the best balance of power, as well as functionality. Gas-powered pole saws are perfect for those who have big gardens or needs.

10 Advantages of Pole Saws

Using a pole saw is a great choice if you want to garden with minimal effort and reduce the risk of getting hurt. Nevertheless, as there are many types of pole saws, it is important to choose the right one. Below are 10 advantages of this great tool that will enable you to enjoy a green, clean environment.

using a pole saw ryobi brand

  • Ease Of Use

With a push of a button, a pole saw starts up and is easy to handle. It can tackle softwood branches at several inches. Even the hardwood trees, with four or five-inch branches, can be easily cut down.

  •  Weight

A pole saw is lightweight, which is beneficial when it comes to cutting branches or trees, as holding it will not tire your shoulder and arms. This means less strain for you.

  • Maintenance Free

The modern pole saws include several features, enabling your work to be completed faster. Pole saw machines require less maintenance and improve the machine’s performance. Apparently, chainsaws need the oil to lubricate the chain for tension.

  • Fast Cutting Technology

When it comes to pruning branches or thick tree limbs, pole saw machines are equipped with extra-power to work efficiently. Pole saw blades are high-end technology, offering a superior cutting option.

  • Price

A pole saw is considerably cheaper, so you can easily expect to pay less when you go for an electric one, whilst gaining more benefits. This quality device has enough power to cut down branches or trees that are several inches across.

  • Automatic Lubrication System

The centralized lubrication system, or automatic lubrication system (ALS), delivers the best-controlled amount of lubricant into the machine to ease operations. The system also requires a manual button or pump, even though they are completely automated.

  • Removable Or Extendable Pole

A pole saw allows you to choose the appropriate length of the pole to suit your needs. Fast, adjustable buttons are present in the pole. These can be used while operating the machine to adjust the size of the pole.

  • Battery

The pole saw is packed with the Lithium-ion battery that offers long operation time. The lithium-ion battery is capable of supplying the required energy for the cutting of trees roughly hundred of the branch with 1 inch.

  • Long Lifespan and Charge Retention

Pole saw machine engines are strong enough to cut down any branch. They run for long hours, giving you a better experience of cutting or pruning.

  • Nice Design

A pole saw is much easier to handle, takes up less space, and is easy to transport. The light material design decline weight of the product and they are available in steel, plastic or aluminum.

How to Properly Operate a Pole Saw

man using a pole saw in his yardSawing off the branches of tall trees can be difficult. Up until very recently, people would either call in a professional to do the job or try to save money by putting up a ladder and doing it themselves.

Now there is the option of using the best-rated pole saws. Many trusted companies have taken to making sophisticated pole saws that can be extended by 15 feet or more.

Some of them are light and durable because of their aluminium bodies; some have flip and lock clamps and low kickback. But, no matter what added goodies they come with, sawing off wood at great heights, even with a pole saw, remains a dangerous business and should be done as safely as possible.

The following paragraphs explore the safest ways to operate the pole saw, whilst taking care of unruly tree logs and branches.

Pole saws are, generally speaking, only meant to take care of branches that are a few inches thick. The larger the branch, the harder and more dangerous it is to saw off. Thicker branches also mean lifting the machine up for some time, resulting in tired arms. The machine could also burn itself out.

Tips to Choose a Good Pole Saw

A lot of different gardening tools are available in the market and they can take care of most of our gardening needs. For some of the work, though, you may need professional help. Cutting off the branches of tall trees, for example, is a dangerous job that should often be left to the professionals. However, if you do want to do the job yourself and save money, you will need some tools, including a pole saw.

A pole saw, often called a pole pruner, is a mini chainsaw or pruner. It often comes mounted on a pole that can be extended from 7 to 9 feet, giving you a reach of 10-15 feet, depending on your height. This gives you access to a lot of high trees and lets you trim off overhanging branches, without getting your feet off the ground.

A lot of different pole saws come with added features, such as extra height, a light and portable aluminium body, a secure flip, lock clamps, and low kickback powerful motors. Some can even convert from a chain to a pole saw, without the need of tools. But don’t be taken in by these features: only get what you need. So, if you are looking to buy a pole saw, the following paragraphs discuss some things you should keep in mind.

Ensure that you have a pole saw that gives you a proper balance between power and weight. Holding up this machine is a tiring job, so you should get one that is suitable to your needs. In case your arms aren’t that strong, try getting a light, aluminium one with lower kickback. Usually, the more powerful the motor, the harder it is to lift up. Try and find a balance.

Some pole saws are electrically-powered, cheap, and often self-oiled. This might be a good choice for you. The added benefit is that it is pollution-free and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Just in case you need to handle more than a small yard, though, you might need to go for the gas-powered models because the electrically-powered ones will run out of charge before you are finished working on your trees.

Know the tricks of the trade. Be sure to check areas before use, position yourself comfortably, and always excercise caution. Know your tree before you cut it. Dry trees, for example, need to be cut differently than healthy ones. Know you and your machine’s strengths and weaknesses to avoid burn-out situations. Be extremely aware of the weather and rainfall. Try to avoid trees and branches near power lines.