Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Riding Lawn Mower

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Lawn mowing has to be one the tasks we constantly engage in to improve and sustain on the outlook of our patios. A smooth running and well-maintained riding lawn mower makes this activity even more pleasurable. Therefore, your riding lawn mower will function to its ultimate best if you adhere to the following top tips for maintaining your riding lawn mower. These tips include:

  • Always Keep it Clean

The riding lawn mower should be free from any impurities like dust. Wipe it clean after use and check for any impediments to the exhaust and air purifier and preventing from getting into contact with the engine area. Cleaning also curtails the buildup of grass on the underside of the mowing deck. Accumulated grass will retain moisture which catalyses the corrosion process, writing off the riding lawn mower.

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  • Assess its Conveyer Belts Regularly


These conveyer belts make mobility of your riding lawn mower possible; they are the cogs in your device’s wheel. Therefore, their tightness and torque ought to be evaluated at appropriate intervals. In the instances whereby the belts are broken, slackening or torn, replace them immediately.

  • Lubricate and Grease your Lawn mower

All movable joints and chain belts of your riding lawn mower should be greased to ensure more efficient spinning and flexing. Typical movable joints of the riding lawn mower’s fuel and fuel filter include the front and rear axles. You should clean or replace your riding lawn mower fuel in the engine crankcase and oil filter after every 90-100 hours of use or according to the manufactures directions. Lubricate the throttle linkages and the choke, and apply grease to the mower deck and all the fittings.

  • Storage

The riding lawn mower should be protected from elements of weather especially moisture which corrodes the metal surfaces ruining up the machine in its entirety. You should also drain the gas from your lawn mower before storing.

  • Check Batteries and Spark Plugs

These should also be constantly checked for corrosion and wear. Worn out spark plugs should be replaced rather than cleaned as they are cheap to purchase. Ensure that you wipe out all impurities before replacing its spark plug.

Anti-seize formulas will make consequent removals easy. Battery terminals of the riding lawn mower should also be cleaned and grease. If your riding lawn mowers’ battery shows clear signs of wear and tear it should be replaced

  • Sharpen your Lawn Mower’s Blades

This is easily accomplished by disassembling the mower deck as it gives you full contact with the blades. Sharpened blades make the mowing process faster and more efficient thus reducing the strain on the mower’s engine and conveyer belts. A faster mowing process is also fuel economic.

In a nutshell, these few tips for maintaining your riding lawn mower, if followed to the letter, will seamlessly elongate the lifespan of your gadget while simplifying the maintenance regiments over time. This way, you will also save money in the long-term and be sure to have a well functioning mowing device in your possession.