Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propel Lawn Mower Review

Your lawn desperately needs mowing. You are going to host a weekend party for a bunch of friends and you are aware of the fact that hiring a grass cutter or a gardener to mow your lawn would be rather expensive and impractical because you are going to spend a lot for just a temporary thing.

Eventually you might realize that there is no better way than buying a lawn mowing equipment which is practical and the wisest thing to do.

So, the next step that you are going to undergo is to choose and decide which type of a lawn mowing equipment to buy. You now search the net for the best product there is. You have read a lot of advertisements and reviews of some products and make of lawn mowing machines.

Some are rather expensive and some just fit your budget. But the price of the equipment is beside the point. You need to choose the best lawn mowing equipment that is durable, efficient and is easy to use.

This guide will introduce you to the Lawn Boy 10632 mower, which, in our opinion, is one of the most reliable and budget-friendly mowers in the market now.

Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propel HW Lawn Mower Review

This type of lawn mowing equipment is highly competitive in the market sales today. It has a lot of features that you would find useful and convenient. Its 20-inch width gives you an edge or advantage as to its efficiency. This machine is powered by a gas engine that provides an excellent moving and movement for rough and sloppy terrains, since one of its features is the incorporated rear wheel driving mode for the convenience of the user.

Let us take a closer look at the features and benefits of using the Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propel Lawn Mower.

Product Description and Features: Benefits of Using the Equipment

This section gives the list of features and product description of Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propel Lawn Mower. It specifically lists the users’ benefits of using the equipment and a simple guidelines on how the machine works.

Read on and decide for yourself the advantages of using this particular brand and make of a lawn mowing equipment.

Rear wheel drive self- propel provides better traction in all cutting conditions

One of the salient points and best features of this lawn mowing equipment is its rear wheel drive self-propel that actually “lets the mower do the work.” More so, the self-propel wheel drive provides excellent traction in all cutting conditions, thus, it practically does the heavy job for you.

Attention to details is needed, though, as to the specific design of the lawn and perhaps the direction of the terrain so as not to overwork the machine.

20-Inch wide cutting deck makes mowing easy

Mowing grass is a nightmare of a lot of people. But now it is to become easier than ever with “20-inch wide cutting deck

Mow like a pro with the equipment’s 20-inch wide cutting deck. This specific feature assures the users that it makes the work of lawn mowing easy and efficient. Simply put, if the equipment is efficient, you finish the work ahead of time and thus, you have a lot more time to spare.

1-4-Inch cutting height range provides the operator a perfect cut according to their needsLawn Boy 10632 Self Propel HW Lawn Mower

Are you worried because you haven’t mowed the lawn for quite some time and the grass are sticking out in all directions?

Definitely, this needs more effort on your part to make your lawn more attractive and well-tended. We found the solution to your problem. Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propel Lawn Mower’s 1 to 4 inch cutting height range offers the users the perfect cut based on their needs.

With just one simple sweep, your lawn looks well-tended and presentable and you are now ready to host a weekend party.

Multi-notched blade cuts grass into fine clippings for a clean quality of cut.

Another problem that the users worry about, is that some of the lawn mowing equipment have a ragged and uneven cut so that they need to redo the work until they get the target appearance for their lawn.

This is not so with Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propel Lawn Mower because of the presence of its high end multi-notched blade that cut the grass into fine clippings giving the look of high quality and clean cut. This gives the impression that your lawn is tended by a professional grass cutter or a gardener.

Deep dome deck designed for superior mulching and bagging performance

If you are concerned about the mulching and bagging performance of the lawn mowing equipment, this particular design has the answer to it. It has a deep dome deck which is designed for superior mulching and bagging performance, which is also great feature of the product.

Adjustable height settings

You do not to worry if you are a very tall person! The Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propel Lawn Mower will be suitable for everyone.

Its adjustable height settings gives the users the freedom to adjust to the users’ height. This assures the convenience of its operator while doing the task, so you can avoid hurting his lower back.

LAWN BOY LAWN MOWEREasy to maneuver and control

We all prefer a particular product that is easy and convenient to use. This is also true when using a lawn mowing equipment. This machine is easy to control and maneuver, allowing its users to make the job of mowing the lawn an easy and enjoyable task.

One setback: Powered by gasoline and oil

One setback that is worthy of mentioning is the fact that the equipment is run by gasoline and oil, thus sometimes the operators can smell the fumes emanating from the machine which can also be an issue of environmental concern.

Comes with a three-year warranty

What’s more? The product comes with a three-year warranty giving you the feeling of security and assurance as to the durability and efficiency of the equipment.

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Using the Lawn Boy 10632 Self Propel Lawn Mower offers its users a lot of benefits. It is durable, efficient and convenient to use. Its multi-notched blade cut the grass of all types and even cut up to 4 inches of grass or weeds. So there is nothing to worry about if you have unintentionally neglected the job of mowing your lawn for quite some time.

Its 20-inch deck gives the assurance that the equipment is efficient, and one sweeping motion would cut an enormous amount of grass, hence saving you the time in mowing the lawn. It comes with adjustable height settings that let the operators adjust it according to his height so he can avoid hurting his lower back.

This lawn mowing equipment is also easy to maneuver and control making the task of manicuring your lawn an easy and enjoyable job. The product also comes with a three-year warranty which is a very generous offer from its makers. Practically, this lawn mowing equipment has all your answers and the benefits that you are looking for at a budget-friendly price.