How to Cut Logs with A Chainsaw?

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A chainsaw is a versatile tool, which helps in cutting both wood and flesh equally. It can easily cut down the fallen tree along with its large branches, but before cutting you should learn to use this tool safely.

It includes all basic techniques for removing the branches and cutting the trunk. Let us now see some safe measures of cutting the logs safely so that you will not come across with any kind of injuries while using it. But preceding you should consider some important things while cutting down the log.

  • Right kind of saw
    Before cutting the tree, you should look for right kind of saw. It should be electric chainsaw or gas chainsaw. Along with that, they should look for the perfect size for cutting the trees.
  • Checking the saw
    Before cutting the log you should check the saw weather it in working condition or not. You should also check whether it is running smoothly or not.
  • Enough space
    Before cutting, you should ensure that there is enough place for cutting down the saw. It will help the person in cutting without creating any kind of tension for the same.
  • Posture
    Posture of the body should be in the correct way, allows your upper body to support the chainsaw. You should hold the chainsaw properly by keeping your feet apart.
  • Taking care of machine
    Before using the machine, chain saw should be filled with gas which should be mixed with tow cycle oil. After that tank of the chain saw should be filled with bar and chain oil. After that it should be move for some time so it can easily cleared the debris from the saw.
  • Adjustment of chain tension
    Person should adjust the chain tension. If the chain is loose they can easily cause injuries. It is important for the cutters that they should adjust the chain tensions in the perfect way, so that injuries can be easily avoided.
  • Using safety methods
    It would be better for person that they should follow safety methods. Special chaps should be wearing so that it will protect your thigh from moving chain. Helmet having face screen along with ear protection should be used. It will save your eyes and ears.

    Long-sleeved shirt and cut resistant boots should be used which will help them to protect from inevitable scratches. It is important for the person that they should use the right protective gear.

Different cutting method

  • Avoidance of kick back zone
    Logs should be cut with the top or bottom of the chain along with bar. Kick back zone should be avoided by the cutter, as it will kick the saw back towards you. But in the modern chain saw, you will come across with chain brake that is especially designed for the cutter to stop the chain if in any case kickback occurs.

    If the above cutting method is applied safely then you can prevent thigh and left arm injuries. It is also instructed to wrap the thumb of left hand, so it will save your hand while cutting.

  • The right technique should be used cutting the trunk
    It would be better for cutter that they should cut the branches from the lower end of the trunk. It is better to rest the chain saw after some time to give better result. Cut the logs from left side of the trunk, your face should be facing towards the top of tress. It is one of the safest methods of using the chain saw.
  • Overcutting
    It helps the logs cutter in cutting down the logs from the top of the logs. It is one of the simple and easy methods in cutting the log. Log cutters should start from top in cutting the log and then apply little pressure with the saw. It will help in cutting the rest of the log.


Before cutting there is useful advice for the log cutters which will help in cutting down the log.  Branches should be cut first, which will further help in cutting the log clearly. Always check the off and on button before using the chain saw. As it will prevent you from accident. Thus these are the different cutting methods which are adopted by the log cutters for cutting the logs.