GreenWorks 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower Review

Pros: A durable simple push lawn mower that is long lasting and is very tolerant against external factors. It also packs a few features like the grass catcher and cutting height adjustment. Everything is assured with its 4 year limited warranty or any unforeseen defects.

Cons: A nicely designed mower that has a grass catcher that only works well in concept. There are times that the grass catcher becomes useless but these are during certain situations like thick grass. If it is only used according to its purpose, you wouldn’t find anything wrong with it especially if it is used for the sole purpose of lawn trimming.

greenworks push lawn mower


Aren’t you just tired of all the house chores?

Sweep the floor, dust the windows and now trim the lawn. If you think the other two are hard and tiring then you haven’t met the grass that you will be trimming. There are several types and the toughest among them is the Bermuda grass. You would even find it hard to cut them with a pair of sharp scissors how much more if you have to deal with an entire lawn full of them?

Even if you are not dealing with Bermuda grass, cutting any type of grass is still a very hard and tedious task to accomplish and you can’t do anything about it since it grows every day and requires trimming every week. So how do you deal with this with the least amount of effort and time as well as the CHEAPEST way?

If you think the answer is hard then you are wrong since you could always make lawn mowing fun with a simple push lawn mower. Now you know how to deal with it, you might want to look for something worth the investment and the GreenWorks 5-blade mower is worth a try. It delivers quality build and a few simple features beneficial to any home owner in need of a trimmer.


What You Gain From GreenWorks 5-Blade Push Lawn Mower?

best greenwork push lawn mower

Other than features, you would want to take note about benefits when using this device. You will be able to learn a lot of reasons why you should get a push lawn mower than any othermeans of clearing up your lawn.

Other than performance benefits, you as a person will be able to get body and health improvements that you never knew were possible. If you are intrigued with all of these then read on further to know how this is all possible,

Eliminate Excess Expenses and Divert the for More Important Things

The only thing running this mower is will power. There is no motorized engine or any sort of which means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for its maintenance in the long run.

Fuel is also out of the equation may it be in the form of electricity or gasoline. With these out of the picture, you save more on your electricity bill and slash down on the ever increasing already expensive gas prices.

You also don’t have to be skeptical about quality since it is made with quality materials that are resistant to anything it comes in contact with. Lesser parts to maintain means that there are lesser expenses for the replacement of these parts and it will even take you a long time before there is the necessity to replace this mower.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Mowing and Get On with Important Events of Your Life

If you are a person who is well-employed and has to take care a lot of work then you surely don’t have a lot of time to waste. Even the weekend is all packed up with work or rest. With the use of this mower, you are surely to cut up more than half the usual time it takes you to mow your lawn.

This is all because of its sharp and efficient blade design that has a grass catcher that saves you from redoing your lapses as well as the time spend on sweeping and blowing severed grass blades. You are now able to open more time for yourself and for your family which no longer makes this weekly chore much of a burden.

An Eye-Catching Lawn will Compensate for a Lousy Looking House

You save a lot from using this mower from money to time, but how about it performance? If you want something that will make your lawn look neat and uniform then this mower does exactly just the job. Despite saving a lot, it doesn’t risk what it has to offer.

It guarantees quality straight cuts with uniform heights. This is all possible with the blade itself and its feature that allows you to adjust blade height. Being simple, it surely doesn’t deliver simple benefits.

Exercise Daily Without Going to the Gym

The goal of having this mower is to decrease body strain and increase convenience of use. Despite it being convenient, it still delivers a full-body workout without you even knowing about it. Since mowing the lawn requires the participation of the thigh, leg, arm, chest and even abdominal muscles, it is an all-around exercise that will tone your body and shape those muscles.

You wouldn’t also have to worry about body pains and aches since this mower is so light that it will not directly shock your muscles with the introduction of the workout.

No more need to go to the gym if you mow your lawn. Stop spending time just to exhaust yourself in the gym when you can do it in the comfort of your home plus you are still able to accomplish on making your lawn look neat.

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Save the Environment, Go Green

Global warming is an international issue and it is one of your responsibilities to take part in it by simply using this mower. Without the use of gasoline or any type of fuel other than feeding yourself, the only carbon trail you are leaving is the air you exhale.

Not to mention that gasoline is a hazard to the home for children and even for adults since the fumes contribute greatly to lead poisoning.

No More Stress and Fear with this Mower

If you start to use this mower, you are then greatly saved from the dilemma which you regularly experience in the middle of the night. Say goodbye to worries about excess expenses, safety hazards as well as scheduling when to mow your lawn.

Rather than be afraid of mowing, you might be even looking forward to the next time that you have to get a hold of your mower.


GreenWorks 5-Blade Lawn Mower Awesome Features

greenworks push lawn mower reviews

You might still want to learn more about this tool but there is nothing much to tell since it is a simple push lawn mower. Though there are some small things worth mentioning and taking note about this simple tool which may increase your desire to avail and purchase this mower.

Efficient and Accurate Helical Blade Design

Despite the lack of any motor to supply strong cutting power, how is this device able to deliver clean and quality cuts? The secret is within its blades. The blades alone are made with high-quality steel that are sharp and long lasting.

Other than that, the placement and design increases its efficiency since it is armed with 5 helical blades that cuts through grass melodiously and repetitively to guarantee that the grass is really cut.

Freedom to Choose Cutting Heights

You don’t want your blades to hit soil and rock on unequal terrain which makes the adjustable cutting height a very useful feature in this mower. Same goes if you are very conscious about maintaining a certain level of grass height.

This device allows you to adjust between 1.75 to 2.75 inches from the ground to at least protect the blades or suit the needs of the grass height you want.

10 Inches Wheels Plus Quality Build

For a device to be long lasting in the field involving rocks and dirt, one must be made of hard alloy steel. This mower doesn’t trail in such specification. It features an overall build that is composed of alloy steel except for the rubber externals of the wheel. This allows it to be strong and be capable of receiving strong blows and abuse.

Despite being made to accept abuse, the 10 inch wheels are designed to at least lessen impacts for a much easier maneuver and to prevent excess damage. If that’s not enough, the company wants to assure you that it stands on its quality by giving a 4 year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons of Awesome Product?

  • Durable and long lasting overall body build
  • Efficient and accurate blade design
  • Lightweight at about 30.1 pounds for easy maneuvering
  • Adjustable and flexible in terms of work conditions

  • There are situations that the grass catcher is not able to do its job. At times, it simply falls off from the mower which has quite irritated a lot of consumers. This is found to be caused by the lack of support that attaches the grass catcher and that it basically becomes useless when used in thick layers of grass.
  • If you don’t use it in situations when the grass is extremely thick then you wouldn’t have a problem. Overall, it is only the catcher that becomes useless at these types of situations and the mower is always up to meet its expectations.

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If you are just a casual home owner that is just looking for a cheap mower that is able to trim the lawn with only a small investment and minimal maintenance cost then this mower is just for you. It is simple but functional that will be able to meet the work demands you want from it.Despite its simplicity, it packs a lot of strength to it with an additional adjustment feature that is essential to a lot of people.