Uses of Electric pole saw and its working

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Whether you are a plants man or horticulturist, you will find yourself tending to shrubs, vines or trees on your property.Reducing the extent of superfluous parts or removing dead branches can be pain in the neck. You will probably be left to choose from one of these three options 1. Prune using a ladder 2. Use a pole saw or 3. Call a professional. Either of the first and last option involves a risk of climbing heights or spending a lot of money for a simple task of pruning. The most optimal and fiscally affordable option is to buy an easily usable electrically charged pole saw.


The processes of gardening are made more enjoyable and easier with an electric pole saw. An electric pole saw is basically a portable, mechanical saw which cuts using a set of metallic teeth that is attached to a rotating chain. This can be used for various activities such as cutting down branches and trees etc. In olden days people who used this large lumberjack saw that it can be replaced by this new portable electric version of the same. There are various benefits that comes with using this, some of which are explained below.

  • The powerful motor in the electric chainsaw will give you consistency and performance.
  • It is easy to install and is highly safe.
  • Its rotating handle makes the trimming task easier and it’s lightweight but durable.
  • This pole saw usually comes with an extension cord that will enable the user to reach higher branches without using a ladder. This will prevent any accidents form happening.
  • With the pole extension the user can make quick transition form a chain saw to an electric pole saw.
  • It is less tiresome to the user.

Working of an electric pole saw:

Due to its high adaptability, it can be used for various purposes. There are many kinds of pole saw to meet the user’s need. Each works on its own way- there is a gas-powered pole saw, battery powered one or a cordless pole saw. The electric powered chain saw is known for its user-friendliness as all you have to do is push a button to operate the machine and it is ready to do its job. Moreover, the pole saw is easy to assemble and maintain. Hence you don’t need the help of a professional.

The extendable cord in this saw adds cherry to the top as the user can comfortably stand in the ground from a safe distance to tend to the trees. This eliminates the need for a ladder. The user might have to lubricate the saw with the recommended lubricants and store the device in a dry place. The user must check the cables regularly and he must refrain from loose clothing while the pruning process is going on. While connecting to the power supply plug the pole saw power cord into the extension cord. One must fully depress the trigger switch and release the same to turn on an off the machine.