Earthwise PS 43008 Electric Corded Telescopic Pole Saw Reviews


Product Description:

You will find that the Earthwise PS43008 Pole Saw can easily cut through branches up to six inches thick though you will find it performs the best when cutting branches less than six inches. This pole saw is electric with a 6 amp motor and an eight-inch blade. This pole saw is equipped with a through the handle cord feature to keep the cord out of your way while your cutting.

The adjustable head of the Earthwise PS43008  is one of its best features as you have three settings you can change to and be able to cut branches easier. With the adjustable head it becomes one of the better lightweight pole saws on the market today. I like the saw a lot as it will operate in almost any position and with the through the handle cord feature keeping the cord out of your way you can reach and cut branches that would be impossible to reach with other saws.

The PS40008 has a magnesium alloy pole that will stand up to a lot of use. Another great feature of this pole saw is the telescoping handle that you can adjust to the needed length for the job you are doing. When you have the telescoping handle fully extended it is about ten feet long giving you quite a reach. I like to keep it set at about eight feet because I find it much more stable at this length. earthwise 43008 pole saw

Your Earthwise PS43008 pole saw comes equipped with an eight-inch Oregon Bar and Chain and the saw has the ability to automatically adjust the tension of the chain so that making cuts with the saw will be easier than with other similar electric pole saws. You will also find that the saw has a lockout feature that is really great for safety preventing the saw from operating when it should not. The saw is equipped with an automatic oiling function that will keep your bar and chain well lubricated. This mean that your saw will perform and cut well and with the automatic oiling function you don’t have to worry about pushing an oil button or worrying about when you should press an oil button.

This electric pole saw weighs only eleven pounds making it rather easy to work with up on a ladder trying to maneuver around. With the motor being on the end this makes the saw much more balanced and increases its maneuverability. Overall, you have a really great electric trimming saw here that should give you many years of service. You can find this saw and others on sale at Amazon.

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  • 8-Inch Oregon bar and chain
  • 3 position adjustable head
  • Telescopic extention pole to 10.2-feet
  • Automatic chain tension and oiling
  • Telescoping adjustable handle