Earthwise CVPH41018 Hedge Trimmer Review

One of the easiest to operate pole hedge trimmers on the market right now, the Earthwise CVPH41018 Hand Held Hedge Trimmer is going to make life maintaining your yard a lot easier than you ever would have thought it could be.

A corded solution, it takes advantage of a 120 V/60 Hz 2.8 amp electrical motor to do it’s “heavy lifting”, making it powerful enough to chew through even small tree branches without any real trouble at all. Designed specifically to help individuals trim things that would have otherwise been out of reach – especially overhead – more safely, this is the kind of hedge trimmer that will make quick work of chores that used to take two or three times longer.

This is a powerful and efficient yard tool, but it’s also one of the most versatile. You’ll find that you are ripping through yard chores a lot faster than you were in the past, but that you’re also tackling projects that you may have been putting off for a while simply because it’s more convenient to knock them out now with this tool on hand.

Earthwise CVPH41018 Hand Held Hedge Trimmer

  • The biggest advantage that this hedge trimmer brings to the table is the fact that it is a corded setup.
  • A significant challenge that electrical yard maintenance tools have always had to deal with is that they aren’t traditionally as powerful as their gasoline-powered bread. And while this hedge trimmer certainly isn’t quite as powerful as anything that runs off of gasoline, it is three or four times more powerful than any battery-powered hedge trimmer you could pick up.
  • It’s also nice that this hedge trimmer serves dual purposes. You will be able to extend the pole out and use it to reach branches and other pieces of vegetation that would have otherwise been “out of bounds”, but you’ll also be able to pull the pole into the main unit and use it as a traditional handheld hedge trimmer as well.
  • Manufactured out of lightweight fiberglass (for the ultimate in portability without sacrificing any strength), this isn’t the kind of yard tool that you’re going to have a difficult time toting around your property.

  • Its biggest advantage is also (partially) its biggest drawback.
  • Because it runs off of corded electricity you’re going to have to run electrical cords all over your yard to provide this hedge trimmer with the power that it needs. There might not be so bad if you’re going to be using the Earthwise CVPH41018 Hand Held Hedge Trimmer just a short ways out of your garage or maybe close to nearby windows with electrical outlets close by, but it may be an issue if your hedges are 200 feet or further from the nearest electrical source.

Standout Feature

The extension bar that transforms this hedge trimmer into something really special has to be the standout feature that people are going to notice most. Its 2.8 amp power source is also a big benefit, as it allows this hedge trimmer to rip through most material (including skinnier tree branches) that you may come across.

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Final Verdict

The Earthwise CVPH41018 Hand Held Hedge Trimmer is one of the few electric yard tools that professionals turn to when they need to tackle bigger projects. You’re going to love the utility and performance that it provides, and its sub price tag is a big bonus come also!