Additional Guides of How to Choose An Electric or Gasoline Lawn Mower

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A Lawn mower is surely a big investment that you necessarily need to think of. That mower not only means to give your lawn a nice looking view but also is a machine that helps you to practice physical exercises at home. It is essential to consult ideas from professionals before buying one because depending on your desired type of lawn mower, its price is variously ranging from below $100 to the pick of $1000. Each type of lawn mowers has admitted strong points and weak points concurrently, and your motivation for using lawn mower is what really matter just to decide to buy one.

It’s electric lawn mower that has many positives in comparison with other equivalent gasoline lawn mower:

  • IGreenWorks-25142-10-Amp-Corded-16-Inch-Lawn-Mower-1nitially, Pollution free is one of the electric mower’s outstanding features

Run without using gasoline, the electric mower emits zero emission that creates an environment of pollution free. That feature is necessarily not only an invented product to care for the surrounding, but also to reduce our dependent of using fossil fuel too often.

  • Additionally, electric mower runs quietly

An admitted strong point that persuaded a lot of people to buy an electric mower is its quiet operation. In an unpublished survey, our team has been test several electric mowers and found out that they run with approximately 35 dB much quieter than corresponding gas mowers. You do not have to worry about disturbing your neighbor during an early morning or wear an ear protector during mowing time.

  • Maintenance with ease

Such this electric mower’s characteristic is convenient just to decide to buy one. No gas means no gas or oil filters, no issues with spark plugs too. The two things you need to consider are to clean the debris that stuck to the cutting blade and to sharpen the blade itself.

  • Reasonable price

For anyone with their tight budgets, it is wise to purchase an electric mower. The mower is able to mow an average size garden with an according reasonable price.

Whilst electric mowers count for a large portion of market share, the gasoline mowers still have a considerable consumption part either.

  • Admittedly, the total capacity is one factor to think of

With the powerful built-in engine, each gasoline mower is able to take care of larger-than-expected lawn garden which roughly double the size that an average electric mower can mow. Additionally, the gas mower is capable of mowing with uneven terrain without demanding much for your effort.

  • The use of cords in the corded mowers

Sometimes, it is inconvenient to mow in your not-too-large garden because you have to perform “cord management” if you do not want to misstep on the plugged cord. One more thing, when the corded electric mower get over its cord, the shock vibration might occur and it is unsafe for user.

  • The removable battery

One solution to the corded mower is the cordless mower. Admittedly, that cordless mower is modern mower that has many built-in advanced technologies just to improve its performance and increase user’s experience. Whilst it’s comfortable, you may notice that the battery itself usually adds some more weight to the mower. And the battery power too, even if it is removable, you need to charge at least 2 hours but only able to mow for 40 minutes at the top working condition.