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Black & Decker SPCM1936 Pole Saw Review

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You cut it up obviously but despite this easily spoken task, it actually requires a lot of effort and time just to accomplish it. If you are one of those people who can relate to what I am talking about, then you would want to consider the SPCM1936 by Black and Decker.

This machine guarantees that you will be able to meet your mowing goals and will only cost you a small amount of money both in the starting investment as well as in the long term maintenance.

Not satisfied? There are a lot more to talk about this device and you will be in shock on the number of customer benefits that this device will guarantee. It will surely make your gardening life easier and healthier. Too much don’t you think so? Read on and see how this could be possible

 Quick Pros and Cons of the Black & Decker SPCM1936

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  • Compact weight and foldable design that can be simply stored and carried in any location
  • Powerful, adjustable and easily maneuverable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Long lasting quality build with a 2 year limited warranty

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  • Despite cutting capacity of a third of an acre, running time is usually just 30 minutes.
  • Most people just find this limit a hassle if you keep your mower on standby or unused for long periods of time while it is still turned on.


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What Can You Gain From Black and Decker SPCM 1936?

Each mower in the market is different. Each one is more specialized than another. One might cost more or less than the other. The price depends on what your mower can do but you will be shocked on how this mower can make all of the following benefits that will make your life easier even beyond the realm of mowing.

Guaranteed Lawn Perfection

Mowing is an art and if you have one of those lousy mowers that lack the amount of power needed to cut tough grass types like the Bermuda grass then you will be ending up with some nasty work. No home owner wants that, which gives you all the more reasons to get the SPCM1936.

The main ingredient that makes this mower favorable for anybody is that it is equipped with a very powerful motor that allows it to cut through any type of grass type that you could possibly have in your lawn. It also guarantees uniform cuts as well as the perfect cut quality: clean and straight without damaging the remaining parts of the grass resulting to a nice looking lawn.

Feel Great with Your Body Everyday

Walking is an exercise, as well as mowing. You no longer have to take your morning jog or go to a gym if you regularly mow your lawn. You are able to improve your stamina, muscle power and endurance without the fear of waking up the next morning barely being able to move.

As you push your mower, you are exercising your chest, leg, thigh, arm and abdominal muscles. In short, mowing is an all-around body movement exercise. The mower also isn’t that light nor does it pack a lot of weight which means that you are guaranteed physical body improvements without having extreme body aches the next morning.

So, if you are not into going to a gym or spending some time to exercise, you can still get an amazing body with just mowing your lawn with this mower.

Spend Less and Save More for Important Events

You don’t simply pick up money from the side of the streets nor do they go from trees so it is vital to be practical and always resolve to the cheapest method especially that it is just simply cutting grass. When your lawn grass requires trimming every week, this might prove a problem to your budgeting. Lawn maintenance actually costs more than your average weekly meals if you hire a regular private service.

If it costs that much, might as well cut the lawn by yourself. The SPCM1936 cost is already very cheap for its features. Not to mention that it runs purely on electricity through its removable rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about increasing expensive price gasses.

black and decker lawn mower

Its engine is also very efficient for additional practicality. This mower is also highly tolerant to last longer for a longer service period before the need for replacement of parts or the entirety of the mower.

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Do your part in saving mother earth

With your carbon trail eliminated as this purely runs on electricity, you also eliminate the hazards of storing and keeping gasoline. Gasoline fumes are HIGHLY toxic and can cause lead poisoning, the total extermination of such product makes your house a clean and safe environment suitable for children and adults alike.

Other than the chemical residue, your grass cuttings are stored in a single bag with the grass scooper that catches all grass cut so as to lessen the amount of filth spread on the nearby street as well as grass blades finding their way into your house.

Think Less and Have a Clearer Mind for Yourself and for Other Daily Events

Knowing that this is a dependable mower and that you are financially secured when using this, you are freed from the weekly stress of thinking on how to trim your lawn. You can now relax, have a clear mind and even be able to look forward for the next time you have to mow your lawn.

The SPCM1936 Awesome Features

Going into more technical terms to give you an even clearer image of what this mower has to offer. Don’t worry if you don’t speak this language as they are extremely self-explanatory and obvious which makes this mower all the more practical for the average everyday home owner.

High-Capacity 36 Volt Battery that packs a lot of punch

If gasoline powered mowers can take you a long way then this electric powered one can compete the same way thanks to its 36 volt battery that packs a lot of power and boosts the mower motor to its maximum cutting capacity. You don’t have to worry about thick layers of grass, tough grass types or clumped patches as this strong battery supports the requirements of its high-powered motor.

An entire full charged battery can mow an entire third of an acre, may be able to do more or less depending on the conditions of the environment.

Adjustable Mowing Speed

If you are in a hurry and running your mower over the entire lawn or if you are just casually pacing through your lawn, you will still have the same quality cut. This is because your mower has this adjustable capability that will re-set its mowing speed depending on how fast it is paced through the lawn.

If it is slowly pushed then it will turn its blades much slowly as compared when you are running your lawn over with the mower. This guarantees for a long lasting battery when you are slowly pacing while still being able to deliver quality cuts if you are in a hurry.

Easy and Comfortable Button Controls

Always bothered about losing your keys? You don’t have that dilemma with this mower as everything is controlled with a push of a button. There are two vital functions that is controlled with a press of a button: power and grass height adjustment.

With only a press of a button, the mower features an instant start without start-up delays. It also turns off instantaneously with a push of a button which is beneficial during unforeseen situations like heating-up and stuck blades.

If you are working in some unequal terrain or you’re the one who is conscious about lawn appearance then you would find the grass height adjustment easy to operate. It can go between 1.5 to 3.5 inches with just a press of a button.

Extremely Wide 19 Inches Deck Covering More Area than Any Other

You can save a lot of time of mowing if you can cover a lot more ground and one way to achieve this is to have a very wide mower. The SPCM1936 has a 19 inch deck across which means that it is basically very wide. A very wide deck also means a very wide blade at an average of 18 inches across.

Wide enough that you don’t have to spend a lot of time accomplishing your mowing task. Along with this wide deck comes a hefty weight of 92 pounds which is neither light nor heavy but is bearable to push and keeps it stable on the ground despite the large blades and powerful motor.

Mulching, Bagging and Rear-Discharge 3 – in – 1 Multi-Functionality

The basic purpose of this lawn mower is not limited to cutting grass but is also of one of three, you can mulch, bag or simply cut grass with the rear discharge. If you don’t want to spend another set of hours sweeping and blowing away your grass blades then you always have the choice to scoop them in a single bag as soon as they are cut.


The average lawn requires trimming every after a week and this mower can help you make that task simpler and faster. It is packed with features and is adjustable suitable for the simple home-owner. Maintenance is also easy and cheap. Totally worth every penny of the investment.