Best Weed Wackers 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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Last Updated on September 1, 2020 by Alex Falasca

A weed wacker is a tool that helps users perform a number of lawn/gardening related tasks which would not be possible to do manually. These trimmers use monofilament lines rather that blades to cut grass, hard weeds etc to beautify them and enhance the overall look of the lawn.

They usually consist of cutting heads present at the end of long shafts with handles or sometimes with shoulder straps to offer easy in controlling.

These trimmers, also named as weed cutters or weed whips, operate on a simple principle when their lines that can turn faster are held out of their housing (revolving reels) smoothly with the help of centrifugal force. Even round-sectioned nylon lines are capable to slight, woody plants and cut grass very well.

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Some monofilament lines have been designed to offer more power to the cutter by giving them extruded shape just like stars. In this way, they will be able to efficiently help the lines to slash material and cut them in the desired manner. They are powerful enough to work on hard weeds and in difficult-to-reach places.

As you may know, there are three types of trimmers (gas, battery or electric powered), you should have to know which trimmer is ideal for you and can complement all of your needs. Basically, there are 5 best weed wackers available in the market.


1. Toro 51487 Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Toro lithium ion battery powered trimmer is perfect for house owners who are living in a home site of up to 1/3 acres as it has the ability to serve them for a long period of time with efficiency in hedge trimming, weed trimming and edging.It also helps to clean up all reached places. The charging and storage stations offer special utilities that make them ideal to be used in small spaces as well.

This new model of Toro trimmers is one of the most durable and powerful gardening equipments that offer high performance with sophisticated and elegance.

Its energetic engine offers more power to complete the job quickly with efficiency. It also features improved shafts that allow users to trim/edge hard-to-reach areas.


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It is user friendly and therefore, simplifies and fastens the work. Its battery has manufacturer ratings of 22.2 Volts nominal and 24 Volts maximum. However, actual power varies with the load. Here are its more features:

  • Lithium ion 24 volts battery that makes Toro a powerful trimmer
  • Auto feed trimming line to offer uninterrupted job completions
  • Longer, improved shafts to trim difficult to approach areas
  • Convenient edger/trimmer combo

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2. Tanaka TBC-255PF Gas-Powered Grass Trimmer

Tanaka is another famous as well as trusted brand that has recently introduced the best tool in the form of TBC best weed wacker of 2017 gas-powered trimmer that is provided with similar drive shafts, cutting head and handle as installed in TBC-230 model.

However, this trimmer is operated with a 25 cc engine which gives it more cutting power and makes it ideal for heavy duty jobs.

The trimmer contains a lifetime driving shaft warranty. Its attachments, walbro carburetor having primer and blades also give it strength to start smoothly.

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Tanaka is particularly know for its PureFire low emission ability which is not so commonly found in the gas trimmers. Even though it operates on gasoline, Tanaka 255 PF trimmer does not pollute air and therefore, proved to be an ideal piece of gardening for every environmentally friendly person.

It also has:

  • Solid steel driving shaft
  • CARM compliant
  • 5 inches wide semi automatic trimming head, which weights 5.3 kilograms (11.8 lbs) with the cutting head
  • Walbro carburetor having primer
  • Commercially graded 2-stroke engine

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3. Black & Decker LST220 Cordless GrassHog Trimmer/Edger

Black & Decker allows you to forget the difficulties and mess in gardening. With the launched of lithium ion 20 volts edger/trimmer, the manufacturer welcomes you to simplify all types of gardening jobs whether it would be related to trimming or edging the driveways, sidewalks, gardens, lawns etc.

Since this trimmer is cordless, you can find it durable, reliable as well as portable which you can easily carry to work on your targeted place.

The best thing about this trimmer is its availability with 2 LBXR20 20-volts MAX batteries that can double the actual runtime offered by other weed eaters.


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The trimmer is quiet to use and easy to operate as it weighs only  5.2 pounds. It can be adjusted as per your requirements. Its pivoting handles can also work at odd angles and facilitate their users to have convenience in trimming. More of its remarkable features are:

  • Power-Drive transmission offers more energy from the engine
  • 2 years limited warranty
  • Automatic feeding spools to make sure constant operation without bumping
  • Operated by 20 volts lithium ion battery that increased charge retention and lifespan as compared to NiCad batteries.

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4. Black&Decker CCC3000  Cordless Electric Lawncare Center

Black & Decker has launched another trimming set that can work in the way you want as it has everything you need Best Weed Wacker of 2018 to finish the work with efficiency and effectiveness.

Basically, there are 3 rechargeable equipments that help users to prune hedges, clean hard surfaces as well as trim/edge tough areas in the yard.The provided charger maintains power in 2 batteries and their wall mount allows users to store everything out from the way.

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The trimmer is famous mostly because:

  • Its sleek design easily clears all the debris from surfaces such as walks, garages, patios, drives and decks.
  • The 2 eighteen volts rechargeable batteries offer a large runtime to finish most of the cleaning jobs
  • Contains low noise design
  • Has weight of 5.5 pounds
  • Consists of large switch to provide easy on/off facility

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