7 Best Sprinklers for Lawn and Garden in 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Busy working all day and not being able to water your lawn regularly? Does this result in your lawns looking unappealing and messy while your neighbour’s is spick and span? If you’re reading this for that purpose, let me tell you that you’ve made quite a smart move by opting for a sprinkler system.

To make things clear cut and straight forward for you, I’ve handpicked some of the best lawn sprinklers available on the market and created a detailed review on each of them. You’ll be getting full on specifications, pros and cons of each and every sprinkler mentioned here and additional information too. We’ll taking about different types of sprinklers, a mini guide on deciding your final purchase and some essential maintenance tips to make your resource last long.

You’ll be loading in lots of information so let’s get on with it without wasting much time!


Our Top 7 Best Sprinkler choices

1. Orbit 62100  Sprinkler with Day and Night Detection Modes

Making it to the top of the list effortlessly, we’ve got the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer. It’s undeniably the top rated, highly recommended lawn sprinklers available in the market at the moment. It doubles as a pest and animal deterrent too, while maintaining the price tag at 2 digits.

Besides the yard enforcer, you’ve also got two additional options at hand with this lawn sprinkler – the green enforcer and the garden enforcer. If fun and peace is your way of getting rid of animals that spoil your lawn’s beauty, this will be a great addition to your tool kit.

Keep animals and annoying neighbours with dogs far far away with this awesome sprinkler.

Top Features and Specifications

  • The Orbit 62100 Sprinkler has an exclusive selection feature which gives you 3 modes (day, night and 24/7 protection) to choose from – the only one with such a feature in the market as of now!
  • Features a high-level infrared sensor to detect possible threats easily within its 120 degrees wide arc.
  • Defends area up to 40ft away, along with the 120 degree arc, giving you a total protection of 1600 square ft with just a single unit.
  • Sturdy design model – has a heavy-duty dual step spike to have the device firmly placed in the soil.
  • This motion-activated Orbit 62100 sprinkler enables you to have 30 minutes of watering at maximum with its timed watering feature.
  • Ward off animals and pests in the most humane, harmless way of just spraying water with this deterrent-cum sprinkler.
  • Take full control of the detection angle to put the line of sight in accordance with your needs.
  • Easily expand the protected zone by buying additional impact sprinklers / enforcers to connect with the main unit.

  • Solid built quality – doesn’t get damaged even if some mishaps happen due to kids and pets
  • Detection feature works perfectly well – differentiates between animals and debris or wind
  • Has a very distant spraying range – literally shoos away dogs and cats in a fraction
  • Adjustable low and high angle features come in really handy – especially at night times
  • Super easy to attach with other tools like hoses or impact sprinkler
  • Adjusting it into the soil is a bit of a hassle – directional adjustments would have been much better
  • Leaks a bit at times but still fixable
  • Sometimes, it is way too sensitive and can be frustrating because of that

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2. GARDENA ZoomMaxx Sprinkler on Sled Base with Water Timer

If you’re up to buying a sprinkler with the best water flow capability in the market, this German-made Gardena ZoomMaxx sprinkler will be your long lost treasure quest.

This ultra functional sprinkler gives you the full control to decide on the spray volume, width, length, height, rotations etc. This sprinkler is better called as the Porsche of lawn sprinklers.

Let me take you through the detailed specifications and features so that you can decide for yourself.


Top Features and Specifications

  • The Gardena ZoomMaxx spike sprinkler features a highly durable metal spike to ensure stable positioning.
  • Gives you a wide coverage of 2300 ft which is quite an ample area to water any averagely sized lawn.
  • This sprinkler set on a weighted sled base, will hand over to you the full control of the width, length and sector of water flow.
  • It also includes a concise oscillating sprinkler so that even the smallest patches aren’t left out.
  • Features 16 rubber nozzles for a better, more conclusive water distribution.
  • Stability will never be in question as the device is sealed with a turbo gear driven unit along with the sled base.

  • Works just as well in small areas as in large ones
  • The sprinkler is able to deliver a perfectly good rate of water flow – not too much, not too little
  • The integrated mechanical timer is really useful in setting time as preferred (1 – 120 minutes)
  • The sprinkler’s pressure and ability to manipulate the spray area is definitely notable
  • Assembling the sprinkler is quite easy – very clear instructions guide. The base is sturdy even with slight bumps here and there sometimes
  • Connecting the lawn sprinkler with a water pipe is a struggle – that part could have been designed better
  • Too pricey when compared to similar products.
  • Getting extra hardware and replacement parts is not as easy as it’s supposed to be

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3. Orbit 58308 Tripod Base with Brass Impact

The Orbit 58308 tripod base sprinkler with brass impact is the ideal sprinkler you’ll need for a very large lawn space. This commercial sprinkler has the full capability to take care of 6360 square ft area flawlessly. The sprinkler’s head comes with an impressive reach so that you wouldn’t have to worry about watering every nook of your lawn.

Easily adjust the height settings of your sprinkler as your plants grow so that you can keep the spraying part on par with them.

Top Features and Specifications

  • The Orbit 58308Z tripod base sprinkler blesses you with a HUGE area coverage of 6360 sq ft when the control option is set to a full circle.
  • Sprays water as far as 90 ft and the area coverage can be easily adjusted from a specific sector to full 360 degrees.
  • The deflector shield and diffuser screw can be easily learnt to handle in order to customize the water flow/system and radius.
  • Comes with a robust, metal tripod base to avoid bumps and can be easily extended up to 48 inches.
  • Built to preserve its quality in the face of high water pressure and climatic conditions – no worries about rust or damage to the brass.

  • Assembly and storage is as easy as pie. No harm with the ergonomically designed clamps
  • The anti-black splash arm is super unique and frustration-free
  • The gooseneck shape of the tool makes it really effortless to connect it with hoses
  • Prevents clogs and stagnations with its flow-through design
  • Spray coverage is impeccable. The best choice for people with huge gardens
  • Not suitable at all for low water pressures
  • When using it in the open, the wind can easily mess up the sprinkler’s head – needs to be re-adjusted often
  • The plastic parts are made of cheap quality

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4. Melnor 65078-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

The Melnor 65078-AMZ XT turbo oscillating sprinkler might just be the lifesaver for people who are looking for a tough built sprinkler at a well affordable rate. This Melnor product is a great low-cost alternative for watering averagely sixed lawns, up to 4500 sq ft.

Take full charge of this device with its twin touch controls and Quick Connect system. Have a look at the full specifications and features below.

Top Features and Specifications

  • Get an awesome area of coverage of 4500 sq ft with the Melnor 65078-AMZ XT turbo oscillating sprinkler unit.
  • Comes with 20 precision nozzles to provide your lawn with the ultimate spray performance.
  • Adjust your sprinkler’s settings in no time with the twin touch control option available in this sturdy creation of Melnor.
  • Includes a Quick Connect adapter to easily connect and disconnect the sprinkler.
  • The infinity turbo drive ensures that your lawn experiences a smooth watering session and increases the device’s lifetime.

  • Great value for the price in terms of adjustability and the area it defends
  • Simple finger tip adjustments come in handy when changing the width and stuff
  • The most economical and affordable sprinkler on the market
  • The sprinkler doesn’t waste too much water except from the mist from the extended oscillator
  • The base is solid and concrete – very essential in these types of sprinklers
  • The nozzle is made of cheap plastic and thus it falls off easily
  • Gets stuck for no reason. Have to nudge it frequently
  • Not as durable as other Melnor products – lasts only for a few months

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5. Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 Indestructible Metal Base Oscillating Sprinkler



6. Dramm Metal Base, Green 15024 ColorStorm 9-Pattern Turret Sprinkler

7. WOVUU Lawn Sprinkler,Upgrade Garden Sprinkler


How many Different Types of Lawn Sprinklers are there?

Well, there are a total of 4 types of lawn sprinklers. Well just in case if you are wondering what are those types then here we go with the explanations:

Soaker hoses

Soaker hoses are quite familiar around the people. It sweats water from the entire pipeline. The soaker hoses can be used for small gardens or individual plant. It delivers water drop by drop. The water delivery rate is much low comparing to the other watering systems. People also use this system to avoid water wastage.

Drip system

The drip system is one of the best ways when it comes to water efficiency. The water is applied to the plants in a slow way. So the soil can absorb the water. There are also quite a lot of types in drip systems. This type of systems is usually perfect for vegetable gardens.

Traditional Automatic spray system

The traditional spray systems come with an adjustable head. The adjustable heads also provide full 360 degree coverage. Small garden owners basically use this system to keep their yard green. However, it is not a good option if you have a small vegetable garden. As this system delivers the water in a speedy way and it gets quite impossible for the soil to absorb it.  You can consider these type of sprinklers as the good sprinkler for lawn.

Rotor System

Rotor systems are quite efficient comparing to the spray heads. It delivers water in a slower way so the soil gets the chance to absorb the water.


How to choose the best Lawn Sprinklers?

Wondering  How to choose the best Lawn Sprinklers? Well, then you can follow the below points while buying a lawn sprinkler.

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  • Investigate the area you want to water. As there are different lawn sprinklers are available that covers large and small areas. So it is advisable to measure the area before buying a lawn sprinkler.
  • Before buying a lawn sprinkler you should make sure if you want to install the sprinkler permanently or for a temporary time. As there are so many sprinklers that you need to install permanently. Also, there are many portable sprinklers. So make sure you are purchasing the right lawn sprinkler.
  • Look at the watering range. Like are you going to water a small area or a large area?. Different lawn sprinklers have a different watering range so make sure you are checking the area coverage.
  • You also have to look for the built quality. As there is a high chance that anyone can step on the lawn sprinkler and as a result, it can get damaged. So having a good built quality will prevent the risk of damage.
  • You can also go for a lawn sprinkler that comes with an easy installation process. Just in case if anything goes wrong anytime. Then you will be able to make things alright without calling a plumber.
  • You can also go for the automated lawn sprinklers. The automatic sprinklers will automatically water your yard as it comes with a sensor. So if you do not want to water your yard manually you can for an automated one.



7 Tips on HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR Lawn Sprinkler

Now that you own a lawn sprinkler, you may want to maintain it too?. Well just in case if you are thinking about some tips on how to maintain your lawn sprinkler. Then here we go with some of the top tips:


  • First, they are supposed to be opened when grass needs water. This will be determined by seeing the color of the grass. They turn their color when to blue gray and begin to wilt when they need water.They should not be over watered because it will lead to development of fungus and diseases. Frequency of watering them depend on the environmental factors such as wind and temperature.
  • Second, open lawn sprinklers very early in the morning. There is no evaporation at this time and the wind is calm. The lawn should not be watered with hot water! They scald the grass. Run the hoses for hot water to flow out of the lawn. The best time to open lawn sprinklers is actually between 4 am and 9 am,why? It is because the air is cool and the wind is calm.
  • Third, lawn sprinklers should be properly focused to water the lawn. This is because the lawn itself requires the moisture. This will save water. Sidewalks should not be watered as it will make the whole place ugly.It will enhance proper monitoring as it will be possible to move around the lawn and many walks will lead to a path-like formation.
  • Fourth, depth watering should be done. It will lead to depth root growth. This will avoid drought and diseases brought about by shallow watering. How is that done? Achieve this by determining the depth of the root zone and how long the lawn sprinklers should be opened.Normally, water should penetrate eight to twelve inches for most of the grasses.
  • . Fifth, run-off should not be created. Why so? This will waste a lot of water and the lawn will look ugly due to water run ways. Regulation will enable you achieve this. It should be opened for some time then closed for the ground to absorb water.This will also encourage deep watering. It should be done so until enough watering has been done by lawn sprinklers.
  • Sixth, Lawn sprinklers should not be opened while it is raining. If the sprinkler is timed to do its job, then rain sensor should be installed. Expectation of rain should also be considered using rain gauge to determine the expected amount of watering.
  • Seventh, it should be considered if the entire lawn requires equal amount of water. If not, different water sprinklers are required for cases of installed lawn sprinkler system. It should not be ignored as it will not produce desirable results and expectations.



So that was all for the best lawn sprinkler topic, however, before you buy a lawn sprinkler you should consider quite a lot of things. Also, you have to maintain the lawn sprinklers time to time to get the best performance out of your lawn sprinklers. Besides that, it is advisable to ignore the lawn sprinklers that have a poor built quality as there is a high chance that it will get damaged.

Also, do not forget to look for stability as it matters quite a lot. However, if you have any questions regarding the lawn sprinklers then you can comment below and we will surely help you out.