Top 5 Best Garden Hose Reviews for 2020

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Do you have a beautiful garden which you find difficult to landscape? Then worry not, because the a garden hose will solve all your problems. As the name goes, the garden hose is a kind of hosepipe which is used as water-carrying and spraying tube. These pipes are made of hard rubber material which is chiefly synthetic rubber.

Certain garden hoses are made of soft-plastic too which is fabricated on inside for better flexibility. These pipes are the best for garden purposes because of their durable exterior. Have a perusal through the below mentioned garden hoses and pick the suitable one for your garden.

Our Top 5 Garden Hose Reviews

Gilmour PRO Commercial Hose 50 Feet

When you hear a company’s name like Gilmour PRO, just know that you’re buying a product of extreme durability that is designed to be resilient. The Gilmour PRO commercial Hose is exactly 50Feet long. Beside gardens, this hosepipe can be used at construction sites, large landscaping sites, manufacturing sites, etc. Therefore, in addition to the domestic applications, the product can be used for commercial applications too.

The best thing about Gilmour PRO Commercial Hose is that these pipes have brass connections which increase the endurance and water-resistance and help in seamlessly carrying out the business.

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  • Gilmour PRO Commercial Hose carries the 400 pounds per square inch of burst strength, thus making it efficient to handle extreme water pressure at construction or manufacturing sites.
  • This product is perfect for a garden faucet of standard size, that is, ¾.
  • The end of the hosepipe comes with the rock-solid brass seal connection which is like an O-shaped ring.

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  • The product comes coiled up and it may take a while to unroll and straighten it up.
  • The hosepipe may start leaking if connections aren’t properly made.


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Flexzilla Garden Hose,Heavy Duty, Lightweight,  HFZG550YW

There was a time when hosepipe industry needed a revolution; this delightful revolution was brought by the company named Flexzilla. As the name of the company suggests, these hosepipes are pretty flexible and even more durable. Whether it is a domestic chore or a commercial application, Flexzilla has redefined everything and made all these chores and applications easy to deal with. The best thing about these pipes is that besides being flexible, they are also lightweight.

The credit of being extremely lightweight goes to the hybrid material that is put into the making of these hosepipes. This hybrid polymer avoids the pipe from kinking and keeps it flexible even under extreme water hose reviews

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  • Flexzilla hosepipe is the best garden hose as it is efficient under all weather conditions. The pipe is tested to be flexible even below 0 degree Celsius. The threshold temperature till which the hosepipe is flexible is -40 degrees.
  • It can be uncoiled easily unlike other commercial hosepipes.
  • It is very lightweight, even children can carry it and water the plants.

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  • The product can’t be used for standard commercial purposes. This is because of low burst strength.


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Apex 8695-25 Commercial5/8 Inch by 25-Feet Hose

Apex Commercial Hose Pipes brought another revolution to the industry of hosepipes. The specialty of Apex hosepipe is that they care used to supply water at high temperatures. When the word high is used, it is meant that the temperature can be as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit and the Apex hosepipe would not expand and burst under such extreme conditions. These pipes are made from the Red rubber which is an industrial rubber designed to survive in extreme temperature conditions.

garden hose

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  • These pipes are easy to handle and easy to carry. The weight of a 25 inches long Apex hosepipe is around 2.54 kg.
  • From inside-out this product is made from red rubber which offers marvelous flexibility and incredible resilience.
  • The water inside the pipe can be as high as 180 degree Fahrenheit which is quite close to the boiling point of water. This makes the product quite useful for the commercial applications.

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  • Since the product is all rubber, the sliding of the pipe across rough surfaces can wear out the product.
  • The product is not suitable for supplying the cold water.


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Briggs and Stratton 8BS50 50-Foot Premium Heavy-Duty Garden Hose

The company Briggs and Stratton holds extreme expertise in making the best Garden Hoses. It would not be wrong to call Briggs and Stratton the king of Garden Hoses. The company have revolutionized their hosepipes from time to time and brought all the innovative and necessary changes. If you want a pipe for your garden that is flexible, can supply hot water, can be used in cold temperature conditions, then this product is the smartest choice.

Talking about the hot water, this hosepipe can handle and deliver water which is heated up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The pipe remains flexible even when it snows and the temperature drops to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. The product is made of rubber and is nickel-plated.

best rubber garden hose

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  • This remarkably engineered product can be used for both domestic applications as well as industrial and commercial applications.
  • The burst strength of Briggs and Stratton product is incredibly high.
  • This product has heavy couplings which resist it from getting crushed.
  • Due to nickel-plating, the product is not subjective to corrosion and abrasion.

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  • Sadly, this product comes with a limited time-period of warranty.


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Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose

As the name of the product goes, the hosepipe is suitable for garden purposes and is made from the premium quality of rubber. By premium quality of rubber it is meant that the product is resistant to the wear and tear when exposed to the harsh surfaces like branches of trees or concrete pavements, etc.

The product is neither heavy nor light; instead it is sufficiently weighed which is around 19 pounds. The dimensions of the product are kept standardized and thus are suitable for the garden with standard sized faucets. Refer to the pros and cons mentioned below in order to learn more about the product.

rubber garden hose reviews

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  • The ratings of this item are around 4 and 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. This proves that the product is loved by the domestic population and it is one of the best choices when it comes to domestic applications.
  • The Craftsman Garden Hose is made from the premium quality of rubber which avoids the product form getting brittle under extreme conditions.

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  • The product is only meant for domestic use and thus, it can’t be used for industrial applications.


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What to Look for in a Garden Hose?

You must choose the best garden hose depending upon whether you have a small beautiful patio or a big garden stretched along several acres of land. First, you need to decide the length of hose that you want to purchase. The garden hoses come in four variant sizes, they are as long as 100 foot lengths and they can be as small as 25 foot lengths. The other two variants are 50 foot lengths and 75 foot lengths.

One may go for the longest length without any debate, but this is not true. Buying the longest length for a garden hose is not always the smartest choice because it may cost you extra money, it is hard to carry around, and the water pressure may differ at both the ends. Thus, choose a length which is appropriate as per your garden size.


Then, you have to choose the material of hosepipe. Usually a hosepipe is made of vinyl, rubber or a polymer. If you want to make a cheap investment, then go for the vinyl. But if you want to make a smart investment, then go for a rubber or polymer hosepipe, because they are light-weight and can be used in almost all weather conditions.

You also have to choose the diameter of the hose. If you have to sprinkle water in large quantity with sufficient water pressure, then you can go for the wider diameter of the hosepipe. The most recommended diameter of a hosepipe is around 5.8 inches. Then comes the burst pressure, always choose a hose with a burst pressure of more than 350 pounds per square inch. These are the steps that one must follow while choosing a suitable hosepipe for their garden.


Types of Garden Hoses

The Garden Hoses are categorized into various types based on the different themes of categorizations. Talking about the material, a garden hose is categorized into three types:

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  • Vinyl Hoses: As the name goes, these garden hoses are made of vinyl. Vinyl hoses are quite cheap as compared to other hoses. They are quite durable too and are best for industrial applications. The only con of using vinyl hoses is that they keep on kinking, that is, winding up which decreases the water pressure in the pipe and makes the hosepipe less durable.
  • Rubber Hoses: These hosepipes are made of rubber material which may differ with the brand. Rubber hoses are considered more durable as well as expensive when compared to the vinyl hoses. The best thing about rubber hoses is that they don’t kink like vinyl ones and thus can be easily uncoiled and used for the longer period of the time.
  • Polymer Hoses: As the name goes, these hoses are made from the hybrid polymers which are used to increase the durability and resilience of these hoses. The complex polymer helps in supplying the water even at higher temperatures. This exterior would not wear out easily even when slid along the garden striking various rocks, branches and other harsh surfaces.


Different hoses are made of different numbers of layers too. The more the number of layers, the higher the cost is, which means more durability and more weight. The hoses are also classified based on the size of their diameter and length. The size and length helps in determining the water pressure inside the pipe. You can also choose between a sprinkler hose or a soaker hose based on your needs.


Considerations When Buying a Garden Hose: Why Are They Important?

A garden hose is considered important for people who are passionate about gardening or have small pieces of land as garden at the back or front of their house. One needs to take care of the plants and the grass rooted in the soil. In order to serve this purpose, one can’t often roam with a water mug to sprinkle water in their lawns or beautiful patios. This is the reason why a garden hose is considered the best gardening equipment.

Now, watering long stretches of garden is like eating a cake. All you have to do is pick up the best garden hose as per your requirement and suitability. You have to consider several factors while choosing the perfect hosepipe. These factors include flexibility, length, material, hose diameter, strength, couplings etc. Based on these factors there are several hosepipes available under various brand’s names.

The hoses are also categorized based on their different uses in a garden or patio. If you want a hose that evenly sprinkles the water along the lengths of your garden, then a sprinkler hose is meant for this purpose. If you need a hosepipe for seeping the water deep into the soil for the roots to absorb, then soaker hoses are used.

You also have to select the diameter of the pipe.The diameter of the hose to be chosen is directly proportional to the water pressure inside it. If you want to supply and sprinkle less water then go for the hose with the narrow diameter, it will maintain the optimum pressure.



If you need to choose a garden hose, there are plethora of choices availed. These hosepipes are categorized into various categories based on the minor differences and the variety of uses they are used for. You should not be tempted by the cheaper price; instead you should take into account the durability and the quality of the product.

Using the above guide, you can pick the best garden hose by having a careful perusal through the above stated categorizes and pointers which will help you in making a smart choice.