Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews 2020 – Our Top 5 Models

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The ever-growing world of innovation and technology brings you the cordless pole saws to help you build the garden of your dreams. Is the utterly chaotic look of unwanted and annoyingly outgrown shrubs and bushes in your beloved garden or lawn sapping your spirits down?

The revolutionary world of science and technology has done it again by conceptualizing the idea of going wireless in every manner, even for the lawn and garden maintenance equipment for both outdoor as well as indoor purposes.

The following roundup of the best cordless pole saws available on the most reputed online shopping sites will help you to find the right tool for you.

5 Best Cordless Pole Saw Comparison Chart

  • Oregon Cordless 40V Max PS250
  • 40V MAX Lithium Ion Power
  • Mid-mount motor design for better tool balance
  • Compact Cutting Head - 8" Bar
  • GreenWorks 22342 G-MAX 40V
  • G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System
  • 3-multiple position pivoting head adjusts blade for trimming
  • 20-inch steel dual action blade for optimal performance
  • Poulan Pro 967044201 40V
  • Extends up to 8 ft.
  • Automatic Oiler keeps your chain lubricated at all times
  • Front Adjust chain Tensioning system
  • GreenWorks 1400102 24V 8-Inch
  • 8-Inch bar and chain for easy trimming of branches
  • Easy adjust chain tensioning system
  • 3-piece aluminum shaft can be extended to 8 ft
  • GARCARE 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Chain Saw
  • 6.5A motor, 8- inch Oregon Chain and Bar
  • Automatic chain lubrication system
  • Aluminum telescopic tube with extension to 9.4ft

Top Rated Cordless Pole Saw Reviews


1. OREGON PS250E6 Cordless Pole Saw

As a subsidiary of Blount International Inc, Oregon Products have established themselves as the pioneer outdoor and indoor tools and equipment for the purpose of ornamenting the gardens and lawns of your dreams. Oregon takes pride in presenting its customers the most durable and user-friendly garden and lawn grooming equipment.

This global manufacturer has marked its territorial designation, ranging from forestry parts & accessories to outdoor power equipment tools including protective equipment & apparels, lawn & landscaping products, and equipment replacement parts.

Whether you are a professional or a simple homemaker,  the Oregon PS250E6 Cordless Saw gives you the ease and command of getting your job done with minimum efforts and maximum style. The features and specifications of this amazing product have been listed in brief for a quick bird’s eyes view Read Morebest cordless pole saw

Product Features:

  • Extendable fiber glass shaft- The flexible cordless saw works normally at a length of 7’3” but can extend up to 10’4” for those hard to reach branches and leaves. The extension has been seen to be quite effective for an individual of an average height of 5’10”.
  • 4 Ah battery- 40 V Max lithium ion power packed motor which gives up to 325 cuts of about 2”-3” diameter.
  • Mid Mount motor- Reduces the cutting head size, with reduced weight at the end of the pole, improving ergonomics and reducing fatigue.
  • Custom designed planetary gear reduction – enables a proficient power transfer for versatile trimming and cutting purposes.
  • Compact cutting head-8” bar & aluminum coated removal hook allows flexibility and better view for cutting.

  • Light weight, user friendly
  • Hassle free-no use of cords, oil mixing, warm ups or emission
  • Instant start-up
  • Low-vibration and quiet.
  • No-fade power battery technology
  • Rapid charging
  • Operating angle of 60 degrees (+/- 18degrees)
  • Superior & balanced weight distribution

  • Design problem with clamping system
  • Not designed for the cutting of larger limbs – suitable for light trimming
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Durability
  • Tool only version doesn’t include battery and charger

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2. GARCARE 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Chain Saw Hedge Trimmer

Sprouting fresh out of its bud, the Garcare Company came to claim its marketing ground in the year 2016. The Garcare GPCS06 Corded Pole Saw is another candid product of this company which allows you to trim your garden and brim with pride. Although the company has yet to gain that worldwide recognition, the establishment in its inborn country has yielded quite fruitful results for this firm.

In a short span of time, the company has deepened its roots in manufacturing and supplying of chainsaws, electric lawnmowers, shredders, lawn & garden tilling machines, rechargeable hedge trimmers, power-operated blowers, lawn edgers, scissors, and blades. You name it and there’s a fair chance of founding the item of your desire in their magic box. The specifications and features are listed below:greenworks g max cordless pole sawProduct Features:

  • Oregon Bar & chainsaw: The 8” Oregon bar and chainsaw makes lopping and pruning of those ever-growing weeds and bushes simple.
  • Power-packed motor: The 6.5 Amp torque of its motor stands true to its promise of delivering for smooth cutting of overhanging limbs and thin logs.
  • Flexible pivoting head shaft: 3- Position pivoting head allows an effortless and versatile angle cut
  • Automatic oiling system: Automatic chain lubrication system helps to keep your machine safe and sound without any extra maintenance session from its owner
  • Pole extension shaft: The machine extends to an impressive 9.4ft from its innate 6.8ft length
  • Includes shoulder belt & bar cover
  • Cord lock prevents the chain saw from detaching
  • Aluminum telescopic tube gives an additional stability and efficiency while in use
  • Soft rubber grips to provide comfort and absorbing high-intensity vibrations
  • In a world of battery operated equipment, this product still works on corded system
  • Electricity operated product
  • Not suitable for trimming small, lightweight creeps and fringes

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3. POULAN PRO PPB40PS, 40-Volt 8 in. Cordless Pole Saw

This popular lawn accessory product manufacturer has taken a step ahead in the field of cordless tree saws. The Poulan Pole Saw is gaining rapid admiration and popularity among consumers, thanks to its light-weight design and its fast and durable performance.

Weighing just 11.8 pounds, this product is taking the gardening and lawn accessory equipment’s market by storm setting up its enhanced impression in a totally distinct manner. Powerful, easy starting and hassle-free, the Poulan Pro 40-Volt Lithium-Ion rechargeable pruning saw delivers Superior Performance without the use of cords, gas or oil. The striking specialization and attributes of this product have been listed below for a brief but accurate description.cordless pole saw home depotProduct Features:

  • Power packed battery- 40-Volt Lithium-Ion battery provides the power, performance, and runtime worth most regularly fuel consuming products. Battery works on multiple tools.
  • 8-inch chain and bar- It is equipped with a self-tension mechanism for adjusting the tension in the cutting chain to avoid reverse binding or loosening of the hedge saw.
  • Pole extension – the hedge saw pole can extend up to an accessible 8 feet length to provide an edge over the regular trimming methods and services.
  • Automatic oiler & Oil level Indicator –  keeps your machine lubricated at all time and gives you a clear indication of the available fuel level.

  • Extension of up to 8 ft.
  • Front adjust chain tensioning system for quick tightening of the chain
  • Automated oiling and Oil indicator level
  • Instant start
  • Ergonomic with low sound and minimum vibration
  • Over mold grip handle for better control and accessibility

  • 8 pounds dies make it comparatively heavy to handle
  • Both the extensions are not easy to use due to its weight
  • Tensions are hard to adjust
  • Battery replacement is a bit difficult to tackle

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4. GREENWORKS 8.3′ 24V Cordless Pole Saw

As established earlier, GreenWorks G-24 Systems is a pioneer in the field of outdoor as well as indoor decorative equipment with its wings spreading out in various high tech countries.GreenWorks G-24 1400102 Pole saw is another tech-savvy innovation which is a successor to its G-Max model, launched in the year 2014. However, it has gone a step back in terms of power with a motor torque of only 24V. Retaining its ability of being light weight and user-friendly, the GreenWorks G-24 Pole Saw has become an eye candy among the people for the coronation of their beloved home garden or landscape lawn. A brief note on its attributes and specifications is listed below:ryobi cordless pole sawProduct Features:

  • Motor power-Packed with 24V motor torque capacity, This product guarantees to deliver you an outstanding performance on low edge trimming
  • Extendable shaft- 3-Piece aluminum shaft is extendable up to 8ft for providing better and efficient trimming performance
  • Chain width- The 8’ bar and chainsaw gives the user the freedom for a facile and an apt trimming
  • Adjustable chain tensioning system­- Allows quick tightening of the chain contributing to its versatile and flexible results.
  • Automatic oil applier- The oiling compartment has been designed for automated oil application to prevent friction and wearing out of the machine.

  • Long lasting battery life as well as rapid charging facility
  • User-friendly & lightweight to handle, reasonable in price
  • Easy access for hard to reach areas
  • Ergonomic, low vibration and quiet in performance
  • About 150 cuts on 2-inch diameter branch

  • Battery & charger sold separately
  • 40V battery is non-operable
  • Tension adjustment required after every cut
  • Phillips screwdriver required for tightening and adjustment.

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5. GREENWORKS 20-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Marketed under the consumer brand portfolio of Greenworks products, the Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC has deepened its roots in the market of outdoor/indoor decorative and maintenance equipment and tools. The firm has earned its reputation for delivering high-quality durable products and maintenance tools.

This China based electronics manufacturing company has spread its wings on an international level and has set up its headquarters in the US, Europe, Russia and Canada. Taking its legacy a step ahead, Greenworks has come up with another marvelous creation of Greenworks-22342 G-MAX Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer which gives you the ease and comfort of trimming and brimming like never before. The detailed features are listed below:

greenworks cordless pole hedge trimmer

Product Features:

  • Power pack battery: This G-MAX 40V lithium ion battery gives you an instant and wreckage free start.
  • 20’ steel dual action cutting blade for a power packed performance.
  • 5/8’ Cutting capacity for controlled and easy trimming
  • 3 Adjustable pivoting heads for cutting at different angles.
  • Compact cutting head design ensures efficient and well-distributed power packed performance
  • 4-year Warranty with additional protection pack at a minimal rate
  • Trimmer adjusts to L-shape for trimming ground level weeds
  • Lightweight-8 pounds in weight makes it on the go equipment
  • User-friendly-simple design and adjustable clamps
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable clamps courtesy to its pivoting head clamps
  • Wide angle accessibility- allows hard to reach areas for trimming
  • Difficult battery adjustment
  • Not suitable for landscaping
  • Loose clamp
  • Battery and charger sold separately

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Why Should I Use a Cordless Pole Saw?

When it comes to pruning or trimming of those stubborn never ending branches & bushes, going cordless is the best option that you can avail. Being head to head with the upcoming technological tools and automatons is a desire that we all nurture, then why to live as Neanderthals when it comes to reshaping your dream garden?

Bid adieu to those heavy, wired chainsaws which made you sweat at just the rare thought of trimming and shearing; say goodbye to the oil mixing and lubricating sessions required for operating your pole hedge cutters and say no to those harmful fuel emissions from your chainsaw cutters. Some of the bullet points of going with good cordless tree pruner cutters are:

  • Energy saving- Going cordless, helps you save energy and time with maximum accessibility into those formidable areas.
  • Going Green Adaptation- By saying no to corded fuel operated the chainsaw trimmers, you become a part of environment replenishing mission.
  • User-friendly attribute- The comparatively small size and lightweight design of cordless pole saw cutters makes them an on the go item when it comes to trimming and pruning of hedges and tree branches respectively. This feature has become an eye candy especially among the elderly.
  • Better flexibility and use accessibility– Owing to various flexible and pivoting attributes installed in most of the cordless pole saw cutters, they provide a much better penetration at those strenuous stretches.
  • Low key maintenance- The automated oiling system in most of the cordless pole saws makes them ready to dispose at work with minimal or no maintenance sessions from the owner.


What to Look for in a Cordless Pole Saw

For the pros and experienced-who know their way around these little monsters-as well as for the neophytes of this field, the following cataloged points always come in handy when going for a Cordless Pole Pruner purchase:

  1. Battery pack: Cordless pole saws come with rechargeable batteries lasting about an hour. For an efficient, long lasting and secure performance, look for a Lithium-ion battery instead of Nickel-Cadmium ones.
  2. Lightweight Material: Cordless power saw are mainly designed for light scale pollarding and nip offs. Ideally, the buyers need to look for lightweight pole saws for easy handling and better control over the trimming.
  3. Extendable shafts: Apart from ground level shearing and clearing, the cutters are also designed for pruning thin tree branches, thus, they are being designed with extension pole shafts which can extend up to 10ft depending upon the brand.
  4. Cord lock features: While the idea of putting adjustable and extendable shafts sparked a glow in your eyes but to keep them in safe and secure position is another attribute that users need to keep in mind. Most of the pole saw cutters come with cord lock features which allows user to keep the shafts at desired angle and length without compromising the tension system in chainsaw.
  5. Cutting material: The quality and cutting power is the prime attribute of pole saws, thus, the makers chose to design it out of carbon or high tempered steel for a durable and efficient performance.
  6. Flexible pivoting head: Usually, the pole saw cutters are designed with adjustable head shafts which can operate at a wide range of angles by pivoting at maneuvered settings.
  7. Items included in the package: Typically pole saw packages include battery, charger, user manual, setup tools and parts with shoulder belt and covers in some brands. Some brands prefer to sell battery and charger separately. So, its highly recommended to confirm the included materials in the package from the buyer or online retailers along with the repair and replacement warranty


Wrapping Up

In this era of cutting edge technology, one needs to be in pace with the upcoming tools, apparatus and their upgrades. The introduction of cordless pole saws has really conceptualized the idea of saving time and efforts from technological aids.

The growing shades of greys is overtaking the world at an alarming rate, thanks to the non-stop pollution and unhealthy dispensing modes. The idea of nipping off these grayscales and converting them to the sprouting green buds is the desire as well as the need of the hour.

A cordless pole saw is just the right commodity contributing to that phase of change, minimizing manual labor and energy consumption on the way. With every product having its fair share of pros and cons, it is advised to do a safe and sound inspection before inculcating it in your daily life.