Uses of Gas pole saw and its working

A pole saw is a tool, that has saw on one of the ends of the pole and the gas pole saw is the one that is powered by gas. Gas pole saw is preferred by many people because it saves a lot of manual efforts as well as time. Gas pole saw is a tool that is mostly used for the garden areas, for maintenance of trees. One can also say that gas pole saw is like a chainsaw on a stick based surface, which uses gas for its operation. Here you will get knowledge about its uses and working mechanism.

The uses

The gas pole saws are very effective and as these saws are attached to the poles, one can reach the much needed height without any difficulty. Suppose if the task is related to cutting off the tree branches or any other specified material that is placed at a height then gas powered pole saw is the best choice.gas pole saw

With a gas pole saw, tree maintenance would no more be a complicated process. It is the perfect tool that can be used for multiple purposes. So, when you have to hack down the branches then there is no need to arrange a giant ladder. You can stand on the ground itself and conduct all the operations using gas pole saw in a hassle free manner.

If there are lots of trees in your farm, house or any other premises and the branches are really widespread, then for timely and proper maintenance you should choose gas pole saw over any other pole saw. It is very easy to use and you will find the entire experience of handling this tool highly comfortable. The task will be finished very early and you will not face any sort of inconvenience in the process.

Working mechanism

Gas pole saw is better than electric pole saw because of the exceptional features like strength and effectiveness. Many people complain that gas pole saw is a bit heavier than the electric model, but you should keep in mind that its design is made in such a way so that it becomes easy to balance this tool.

Gas based pole saw is supported with a motor and there is a gas to oil ratio that you have to maintain. Generally, the gas to oil ratio should be around 50:1. The gas that is used in the gas pole saw is non-alcoholic and the quality of oil should be at least two cycles. The air filters are to be cleaned before using such tool and after regular use, you must replace the air filters if needed.

In the modern day gas pole saws, the operations can be conducted with the help of supported buttons. But the exact way of working may vary from one model to the other. When you will buy such tool then everything will be mentioned in the instruction manual.  Make sure that there is no gas leakage, metal burr, sparking etc. These things are important to consider from the safety point of view.

When you are beginning the process of using gas pole saw then make sure that the chain is properly tensioned. When you are starting with the tree pruning task then increase the chain tension and make it loose once the task has been completed. It is highly important that once the cutting process is over, you should loosen the chain, otherwise the tool may get damaged.

Once you have finished the task then make sure to clean the pole saw with a wet rag. Put it in a proper case or storage area to avoid any sort of mishandling.

Genuine suggestions

When you are thinking to buy gas pole saw then make sure that the motor support is good enough. Choose atleast 25cc to 35 cc motor for best performance. Always buy the product from a reputed brand and make sure that there is a reasonable warranty period with the product. There are different types of models in gas pole saw, thus you should see the instructions given in the user manual. Make sure to follow the safety guidelines as mentioned in the product manual and also pay attention to the after maintenance tips.

So, the uses and working of gas pole saw have been discussed in detail in the preceding paragraphs. Utilize this knowledge and it will help you a lot in your purchase decision.