There’re not many things you can when you need to saw off branches of tall trees. Up until very recently, people would either call in a professional to do the job or try to save money but putting up a ladder and doing it themselves. Now there is the option of using the best rated pole saws. Many different and trusted companies have taken to making pole saws that sometimes come with technology like poles that can be extended up to 15 feet or more. Some of them are light and durable because of their aluminium bodies and some have flip and lock clamps and low kickback. But no matter what added goodies they come with, it is also true that sawing off wood at a great height is dangerous business and should be done as safely as possible. No matter what way one chooses to saw off limbs of large trees, it will always have its added dangers and the pole saw is no exception. The following paragraphs, thus, explore the safest ways in which you can operate the pole saw while taking care of unruly tree logs and branches.

Pole saws are generally meant to only take care of branches that are a few inches thick. The larger the branch, the harder and more dangerous it gets to saw them off. It also means that with thicker branches, you will have to hold the machine up for quite some time, which might tire your arms out quiet badly. It also might burn itself out.

There are also techniques involved when one is attempting to cut overhanging branches. Sudden cuts are completely out of the question and the process involved should not even be tried till one is familiar with the machine and jump cuts and other preliminary techniques. When extended over 7 to 8 feet, the saws also tire one easily. Cutting branches anywhere near a power line are, of course, a major no-no too.

You need to first get people away from your tree and then make sure that they stay away. Take note of your surroundings, roots and fallen logs, so that you know which way you can move in case something slips. Now you need to decide where you are going to start cutting, rest the saw on that place on the branch and position yourself with the device secure and comfortable in your grip. Lengthen the pole to reach the proper height and start to slowly making tiny hacks and grooves on the branch. These grooves will guide your stronger and swifter hacking later. Take care of initial slippage, pause, readjust and continue.

When you are almost done cutting the branch, move away a bit when it is about to fall. Let it fall to the ground before you begin to clear it away. People can start using the place again.

Using pole saws is not very difficult to do and if one takes proper precautions, one can get the job done with no trouble.