Why You Should Invest In A Pole Saw?

Do you have a long yard? Maintaining it must be challenging for you! How do you manage to cut the tree limbs high up from your reach? Cutting a thick branch that is away from your reach is tough. In general, you must be using prune saw for cutting the tree branches that are within your reach.

Sometimes it becomes essential to cut the branches that you can’t reach from the ground! So, how would you cut it? Hiring a professional for such works is common because they would climb the trees or use their advanced machinery to get your work done!


To stay away from unnecessary expenses invest for pole saw:

Hiring professionals for this job would go expensive! If you wish to stay saved from unnecessary expenses then you must take a wise decision. You should invest in a pole saw! Pole Saw or even called as pole pruner is simply a mini chainsaw which is mounted on an extendable pole!

This saw can be used for cutting lofting branches that are beyond easy reach. The pole saw usually offers cutting area of 6-8 inches. This can be used for cutting branches of the tree and not the heavy tree trunks. You can easily reach up to 7-9 feet using the extension pole that makes it easier to cut the branches that are beyond easy reach.


Types of Pole saws:

Different types of pole saws are available in the market! As per your personal preferences, you can select any of the pole saws and execute the tedious works easily.

Cordless Pole Saws:

The rechargeable battery powers Cordless Pole Saws and it lasts for an hour. It is advised to select a pole saw with the lithium-Ion battery instead of the Ni-Cd battery. In comparison to Ni-Cad battery, the Lithium-Ion battery performs better and has higher durability. Maintaining this Pole saw is even easy as apart from chain sharpening, there is no extra maintenance expense which is its biggest advantage. As it is rechargeable and cordless, this pole saw can be used anywhere.

Electric Pole Saw:

The electric pole saw are quite popular for its convenience. You need to simply plug-in it into an electric socket and start trimming the branches. This is designed for small works of trimming and its blades measure 6-10 Inches. Maintenance expense for this pole saw is zero. These are quite lighter than the cordless models as there is no battery in it.

Gas Powered Pole Saws:

The Gas Powered Pole saws are well known for its powerful performance. Under this category, the pole saws are equipped with heavy-duty chains and bars which help in cutting thick branches which electric pole saw fails to cut! The gas pole saws consist of shafts scaling 9 inches which amazingly help in cutting bigger stuffs as well as tall trees. The Gas Powered Pole Saws are quite heavier than the electric motors but can be easily balanced and operated easily.

Investing for Right Pole Saw you can amazingly execute the tough works easily but it is essential to handle the equipment attentively! If mishandled it could cause severe damage. So it is essential to follow certain safety precautions while operating it.If you feel necessary yu can use helmet for extra safety


Steps to follow while using pole saw:

  • Clear the work area prior to your activities.
  • You need to plan in prior before cutting a branch. Removing the sub-branches at first would make it easier for you to cut the big branch as the weight of the branch will be reduced.
  • Before taking action, make sure to hold the saw in the right position.
  • Your body position even must be proper so that it will be easier for you to control the equipment while it is in action.
  • Begin the cutting after making a groove with slow strokes which will make it easier for you to cut the full branch

Safety tips you must follow:

  • You need to operate this machine only during the day as the visibility will be clear.
  • You must avoid using it in rainy weather as it may cause mishaps.
  • If you are using electrical Pole saw, you need to check whether the cord is messed or not as this may hinder the performance.
  • You need to check any electrical wires or any other objects around and beside the tree limbs.
  • Prefer to cut one branch at a single time.
  • If it is a thick branch then don’t apply your DIY skills as it will be tough to handle

Persons with DIY skills and are prompted to perform some actions can smartly opt for pole saw and use it for cutting the branches that are unreachable!