How To Choose The Right Weed Whacker For You

A good weed wacker or string trimmer is a very useful piece of equipment that every homeowner and landscaper alike should have. They are very convenient, easy to use, and they can go places that other machines can’t. There are however many different variations of weed whackers that all have slightly different features; it’s important to know what you need and what you want before you go out and spend the money on it. Let’s talk about the different types of weed whackers quickly.

Gas Powered Weed Whackers

The first type of weed whacker that we are going to talk about today is the gas powered weed whacker. The gas powered weed whacker is the most common and preferred type of weed whacker; it’s something that many large property owners have and more so it’s something that every landscaping professional has in his box of tricks. These are powered by a combustion engine that takes either straight gas or a mixture of gas and oil. The best part about gas powered weed whackers is that they last for a very long time and keep going and going thus many pick it because of its longevity. Being gas powered they are also much more powerful that electric or battery powered weed whackers and they can cut through things that other machines simply can’t get through which is why it is another prime choice for homeowners. They are great because they are very convenient to use on both big and small lawns. Better yet as long as you have gas you don’t have to worry about running out of power. You can take a gas powered weed eater with you wherever you need to go and not have to worry about having an extension cord that is long enough or always having several fully charges battery packs on hand.weed wacker for homeowners

On a side not, there are also different kinds of gas-powered weed eaters; these being 2 cycle/stroke or 4 cycle/stroke engines. The difference is that the 2 cycle weed eaters run on a mix of fuel and oil which means you have to do some fuel mixing, while the 4 stroke engine runs on straight gas (however you will need to change oil separately). The other differences are that a 2 stroke engine weed whacker will be lighter in weight, however, a 4 stroke engine produces far less toxic emissions and pollutants.

Electric Weed Eaters (Corded)

The weed eaters that are electric and moreover powered by an electricity cord tend to be the cheapest option on the market. The reason that they are the cheapest is also because they are generally the worst. They are only just powerful enough to cut through grass and you are always limited by the need for a power outlet and a never-ending extension cord. The only reason to really get one of these is for small jobs around the house because they are quite lightweight and far quieter than gas-powered whackers too, not to mention there is no air pollution produced.

Battery Powered Weed Whackers

This is a great middle ground between the gas-powered and the corded models because they have a little bit of everything. It doesn’t have quite as much power as the gas powered ones but it has slightly more power than the corded, also it’s lighter than a gas-powered model but also heavier than the corded models. The only downside to having a battery powered model is that the batteries generally last from 30-60 minutes which means that spare batteries are always key.