A pole saw is a tool used for cutting branches and vines. There are many tools available for gardening activities, but, these poles saw makes cutting of branches easy. They are very useful when the branch is very tall, like 10 feet. Pole saw always makes your gardening easy and also time-saving. Manual pole saw have been helpful for gardeners for many years and now as the technology advanced, electric chainsaw have come into existence. These electric chain saws are quite expensive than manual but very effective.


The manual chain saw always takes more time than electric pole saw. Your gardening work can be done in no time using an electric pole saw. A person has to prefer electric over manual when the work, to be done, is more. The penetration through thick branches may take time in case of manual pole saw but electric makes it comfortable. For example, if it takes 30 minutes to cut 3 branches using the manual pole saw, it takes only 10 to 15 minutes using an electric pole saw.


The manual pole saw is very difficult to handle and takes much of a person’s energy. The efficiency of labor is more when electric pole saw is put to use. Manual pole saw, though effective, is not as effective as an electric pole saw. But, manual pole saw is more economical and eco-friendly than electric pole saw. The electrical pole saw is also very helpful in reducing the man power requirement and also saves a lot of cost on labor. In case of maintaining a large area manual pole saw aren’t as effective as the electrical pole saw.  Cutting through a piece of wood and shaping is also very easy with electrical pole saw. Many basic cuttings for making art in wood is where electrical pole saws are used nowadays.



The manual one is as sharp as an electric pole saw, but more fatal accidents are caused by electric ones than manual. The usage of lubricant is mandatory for smooth functioning of the saw. The manual chain saws are long lasting than electrical and the performance fade as time fades in any electrical equipment.


A electrical pole saw is more effective and even people in home can use them easily for gardening purposes. The manual pole saw is not that easy to handle and workers are necessary. With electrical pole saw your gardening experience can be a lot of fun and interesting too. There are many brands of electrical and manual pole saw evolving in the market. The technology is getting advanced day by day and people need more sophistication.  More work has to be done by spending less energy is what is necessary today. In that case electrical pole saw is more preferable.

New advancement with less energy consuming and long-lasting pole saws are available in the market. The next generation is looking towards robots working without any manual labor.

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