Best Manual Pole Saw Reviews and Ratings 2018

Manual Pole Saw is often the best option for pruning smaller as well as larger branches. In fact, they are less weight, easy to handle and won’t give hassles when you use the pole saw. Most probably they are long enough and help professionals to reach up to 21 feet. Of course, the hand pole saw is attached with a grip so you can prune it well. It is very versatile telescopic pruning  Stick with a saw attachment to deal with the chunky branches. Moreover, the telescopic twists start to twist easily as the fiction locks wear out. The Best Manual pole saw operates at good angle for cutting quickly as possible

Top 5 Manual Pole Saws Comparison Chart

  • Silky New Professional Series 179-39
  • Extension range is 8 feet to 21-feet
  • 6.9 pounds (3,140 grams) operating weight
  • 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30mm) teeth configuration
  • Fiskars 7-16 Foot Power Lever Extendable Tree Pruner
  • Fully hardened steel pruning blade
  • 1 1/8 inch diameter pruner cutting capacity
  • ideal for pruning high branches
  • Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot ExtendableTree Pruning Stik
  • Ideal for cutting high branches without climbing a ladder
  • Rope-free design gives you two-handed control
  • Included 15 inch WoodZig saw blade powers through thicker branches
  • Silky Telescoping Pole Saw Hayate 420 20-Feet
  • Extension range is 7.9- to 20-feet
  • 7.9-pounds operating weight; 8.65-pounds weight with blade cover
  • 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30 millimeter) teeth configuration
  • Silky New Professional Series KatanaBoy Folding Saw
  • Largest folding saw on the market
  • Allows for 2-handed operation
  • Comes with over the shoulder carrying case


Silky New Professional Series 179-39 Pole Saw

This pole saw tree trimmer is a professional aluminum one which is the best choice for the professionals to use it. However, the aluminum extension poles are oval shaped and provide grip to handle the direction where you want. Besides, it is reducing maximum bending so that you can cut larger or smaller branches effortlessly. You will get comfortable rubber grip to handle a good hold and control forever. Moreover, the blades are adjusted to two different angles which are lower or higher anyways. You can choose finest pole saw in the market that has large blade cover and functionalities for the users. Therefore, you can use this manual pole saw for doing toughest pruning jobs forever. Furthermore, it has good hold and gets right control for pruning purposes.Read Morebest manual pole saw


On the other hand, the pole saw has 3 extensions, 4 poles/section telescoping extends to 21 feet long. In addition, the extension range has 8 feet to 21 feet so you can operate gently for a maximum working. It also includes teeth configuration by 5.5 teeth per inch so it edges sharpens according to the cutting option. The operations include pruning and trimming, arborists and forestry, and cutting in garden uses. When you utilize the lower sickle, it offers strong cut without destroying the trees. It also incorporated with two locking systems that are rigidity and extended to use poles. In order to have multiple adjustments, and then use the spring loaded locking buttons to help you a friction clamp for holding purposes.

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Fiskars 7-16 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner

In this Fiskars Lever extendable tree pruner, you can cut the large branches in the lawn and garden without any trouble. However, this is completely lightweight, easy and durable to handle the pole anywhere. With the help of comfort grip, you can do pruning work stronger and effortless. It can extend up to 16 feet to maximize your reach and cut the branches. It is useful for cutting tough branches which is easier than traditional pruners. The powerful lever pole includes 15 inches and taking down thicker branches to cut accordingly. Within a short time, you can cut larger branches that decide to handle saw as needed. It can operate with ease and thus allows you to take down the best gearing to cut tough branches quickly as possible. So, it does pruning work easily by utilizing the best extendable tree pruner.manual pole saw home depot


Furthermore, the pole saw has maximum utility and an ideal choice for pruning high branches to cute at maximum range. Hence, this could operate with the help of maximum technology and stick towards the pruning with 2X easier and smarter. This functions according to the fully operated blades that cut down the branches in a safe and secure way. It also has a nonstick coating that stays sharp to cut any size branches without any trouble. It includes a lifetime warranty and useful for the people to let down the 11/8 inch diameter pruner cutting capacity for everyone. When you have this pole saw, then it provides the easy cutting option that gives maximize technology to cut down larger branches quickly as possible.

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Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot ExtendableTree Pruning Stik Pruner 

This type of pole saw pruner is very easy to handle and makes the pruning process very easier. However, this includes modern, long, less weight to cut the larger branches without any hassle. In fact, the pole extends to deliver by 12 foot and locks securely to handle by care. Moreover, you can utilize both hands to increase the power and do accurate work in pruning process. In addition to this, it can handle with smooth and simple that has ended with the long prune for making best cuts for smaller or larger branches. It easily cut down thicker branches which head to rotate up to 230 degrees. Of course, the blade stays sharp and allows you to cut the branches without damaging the trees.manual pole saw reviews


Nevertheless, it has high of traditional prunes that may cut according to the exterior look. However, this could consist of tight poles which are very easy to do the cuts according to the maximum power and accuracy. So, this made an easy grip to handle and does not have possible hassles to burden you. Most often, this brand has a 15-inch woodzig blade to cut through thicker branches. It has a maximum cutting capacity up to 1-1/4 inch diameter as per the blade length. So, you must choose this brand pole saw that makes you cut branches without any risks. Those blades are rust resistant coating that makes every cut easier and smoother. Without giving much hard stress, it allows you to cut down the branches in a safe as well as easy way.

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Silky Telescoping Pole Saw Hayate 420 20-Feet

It is an art of the heavy-duty aluminum-telescoping pole saw hence, it becomes a right choice of the major professionals. It is built with the thick aluminum alloy extension pole, which allows having oval shaped. Then it provides great control on the direction of the blade and it cut down the bending to the minimum. In the part of the base pole, it has pole end impact absorber and it delivers the comfort-rubberized support to gain the grip. It has installed with the 16 to 21/2 inch curved blade which utilizes the propriety silky MIRAI- ME. It has four cutting angles such as razor ground, precision, super aggressive teeth so it delivers a high level of the fast cutting action.pole saw manual


With the taper ground profile, support to reduce both drags and directs more usable energy for the pole saw. The blade is designed with the option of the replaceable lower sickle to the small branches and barks. HAYATE support for high-quality visibility colors and comes with the special design sheath along with the carrying handle. Hence, it will be right option carries the device with real comfort. It is one of the best choices for the pruning large branches to the high-level position. It is one of the strong and suitable telescoping pole saw available on the current market. It is made in Japan and it is delivered via online store in a fine manner.

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Silky KatanaBoy Professional Series Folding Saw

It is one of the heavy-duty folding saw, which provides great comfort to handle at any circumstance. This saw has two-handed and professional with the inch of the 19-4/5 blade and it can simply complete with the chainsaw. This type of saw is considered as the large saw on the market it is designed with the non-set tooth, which delivers the extended working reach, and it can work much faster and handle in large limbs and trunks with no effort. This saw can allow to two-hand operations, which allow cutting major things in winning way. It is commonly great for major usage such ATV, motorcycle off-road adventures and much more.manual pole saws


This saw is out with over shoulder carrying case that let to take the device in a fine manner to the wide location. This saw is highly suitable for the cutting the huge timber and other tree trunks. In the market, it delivers the exceptional design, well-balanced, high strength and provides superior quality so it becomes the best choice in the market. This saw is out with the limited warranty against the defects in the material as well as the workmanship. Hence, it will be more comfortable for the customer to handle such the device in a fine manner. To gather additional information, the customer can hire official website, which provides end-to-end information about the saw.

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How To Choose A Best Manual Pole Saw?

A pole saw is commonly used for the pruning tree branches, which is higher to reach unaided. Hence it is necessary to go with the user manual before going to the make use of the chainsaw whilst stood on the ladder. This type of the tools is commonly used to meet the large height that can virtually not possible to go for the pruning or else trimming without having the ladder. Then it is much safer to make use such the pole saw in a winning way. They consist of the long handle with the curved blade that will be attached to it at one end so it becomes very simple and more comfortable to make use such the device in a fine manner. If you are looking to buy the manual pole saw, here are two things to consider such as

  • You should consider first the area that needs trimming.
  • The size of branches that you need to trim
  • The height of your plants
  • The length of pole
  • The power source of your pole saw.
  • The cutting blade length
  • The weight of the pole saw.
  • The bar length

Choose pole saw:

By considering the above two things you can simply obtain the suitable and best type of the pole saw in the current market. With the presence f the huge type of the pole saw, the customer can get confused on going with the best option; hence, they have chosen the right pole saw by considering the quality of the blade and much more. Therefore, the customer can consider the ranking and other reviews, which give hand to pick the  pole saw from the market.

Power option:

Pole saw are out with the wide range of the power option so the customer has to go with right power, which they need. On choosing right power will be a great option for the customer to reduce the cost spent on buying the pole saw an electric source.

Why Buy A Manual Pole Saw?

If you are coming to buy such the manual pole saw, you can consider the major advantage. Hence, it let to pick the best and suitable device in a fine manner.

  • Very lightweight:

It consists of the stick and there is seeing in the head part

  • Cheap price:

It is available to buy at cheap price from the online market and get some special discount on it.

  • Length of pole:

It is available to buy with the different pole with the special features so it brings special comfort for the customer to handle the device.

  • Simple to maintenance:

It never required having special maintenance charges so it becomes special welcome among the people.

  • Product warranty:

In the market, you can find out such pole saw with the lifetime warranty so the customer can inverse money on such saw. Hence, it easy to save money on investing such the quality pole saw with no risk of it.


From the above discussion, the Manual Pole saws now the best option to cut down smaller or larger branches without any trouble. Hence, there are several types of pole saws available in order to get into quick possible cuts forever. Moreover, it has come across best results by utilizing the best pruning process from those brands. You can choose any type of pole saw that comes from the latest blade specifications and functionalities in it. The user can select their favorite pole saw, which has extreme quality, and brand preference on choosing the best one.

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