Best Pole Saw Reviews 2018- Top Picks

Are you looking for the Best Pole Saw? A pole saw is the most excellent fantastic tool used for performing common pruning jobs around your garden. Everyone now wants to save their precious time on cutting the tree over hands, untidy twigs, and branches. Many cutting tools are available to perform the tasks, but the pole saws bring some additional convenience.  Choosing the perfect tree pole saw is a tricky job because there are several options available to select. For eliminating the complexity, this post shares you a list of best and most reliable pole saws. Furthermore, it helps people to know all significant details regarding different types of pole saw before picking anyone.

Top 5 Pole Saw Comparison Chart


  • reach of up to 14 feet
  • 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery
  • 8-inch cutting bar
  • 2-year limited warranty; includes battery
  • GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX 40V
  • extended up to 8 ft
  • Includes 2Ah Battery and Charger
  • 8-Inch bar and chain
  • 3-piece aluminum shaft
  • Remington RM1025SPS Ranger
  • Ability to cut high branches 10-feet to 15-feet overhead
  • 2-in-1 detachable pole saw
  • 10-inch bar and chain
  • Powerful 8-amp electric motor
  • WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw
  • 8-foot extension pole with tool-less installation
  • Powerful 8 Amp motor offers a consistent performance
  • Patented auto-tension chain system
  • Compact and light weight design
  • Oregon Cordless 40V Max PS250-A6
  • 4 times quieter than a gas saw
  • 40V MAX Lithium Ion Power
  • Mid-mount motor design for better tool balance
  • light-weight, balanced, low-vibration & quiet

 Best Rated Pole Saw Reviews


BLACK DECKER LPP120 20V Lithium-Ion Pole Saw, 8 Inch

This 8-inch Black Decker pole saw is a fantastic tool which has designed for effortless pruning overhead branches of a tree about the height of 14 feet.Black Decker pole saw is a fantastic tool which has designed for effortless pruning overhead branches of a tree about the height of 14 feet.Best Pole Saw The bare-tool has compatible with MAX Lithium Ion cell of 20V that offers an increased lifespan. Additionally, it has 5X charging capacity than other NiCd batteries. The chain and cutting bar of 8-inch permits for an utmost cutting diameter measured as 6-inch. This device also features the in-line power-head that allows easy visibility and maneuverability between the branches. Unit disassembles safely for convenient transport. It includes a lightweight design that makes it uncomplicated to use. Read More

Key Features:

  • This garden equipment and an electric lawn do not release emission in the outdoor space. Additionally, it aids to reduce the carbon footprint
  • The Lithium-Ion battery of 20V MAX has an increased lifespan that retains charge about 5X when compared to same NiCd batteries.
  • It has chain and 8inch of cutting bar allows for an utmost cutting diameter known as 6inch
  • The inline power-head permits better visibility and maneuverability between the branches
  • The center extension permits for the usable length measured as 10 feet or 6.5feet
  • Provides the 14feet of overhead reach
  • You can disassemble the unit easily for hassle-free transport and easy storage.


  • Better cutting power by using a 20V battery
  • Long utmost reach
  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Let user use battery with any other B and D tools


  • Chain and bar must be fully manually oiled
  • A bit costly than some other pole saws
  • Battery takes more time to charge

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GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw

Powered by great innovation, this Greenwork G-MAX cordless pole saw is completely redefining the method people work in their garden with the gas alternative garden and lawn tools.pole saw reviews With an effortless push of the button, a user can quickly begin within few seconds no difficulty for managing the gas pull cords, combining of gas and oil or dangerous fumes. When people are trimming, mowing, blowing or hedging away debris, and this tool makes their life easier.  The most powerful and efficient 40V battery system in this cordless tool lets the user enjoy long-lasting results.  Read More:

Key Features:

  • The G-MAX 40V of Li-Ion battery powers several tools for better year system that includes charger and 2Ah battery
  • It consists of a chain and 8 inches of bar for easy and quick trimming of tree branches
  • Flexible chain tensioning option in this cordless  is ideal for fast tightening of a chain
  • The automatic oiler smoothly applies oil content to chain and bar when required for ensuring both an optimal use and durability with a clear lubricant tank that offers a clear indication of the oil level
  • The three pieces of aluminum shaft in this tool can successfully extend to about 8 feet


  • The assembly process takes under five minutes
  • It has a brushless type chainsaw which is vibration free
  • Suitable for cutting pine, mesquite, ironwood, and acacia


  • Mount of die-cast electric motor appears weak
  • It has difficult battery removal
  • Fail to provide enough power

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Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch 8-Amp Pole Electric Chainsaw

This 2-in-1 Ranger chainsaw or pole saw features a highly adjustable or flexible aluminum pole which extends roughly about 10 feet for offering a user an enhanced reach while trimming the tree branches.pole pruning saw The 8-amp and instant start electric motor permit user to saw via the limbs of trees quickly, when the 10-inch, low kickback bar as well as chain makes pruning and lopping easier. Once you complete taking down the branches of a tree from above, you can use the lock, and flip clamps of this Remington pole saw. It helps you to disconnect a pole immediately and prepare to cut the downed limbs. Read More


  • The 2-in-1 removable pole saw, or tool is the highly appropriate option for even hard-to-reach tiny limb trimming
  • The most powerful electric motor of 8-amp drives this device with a 10-inch, kickback chain, and bar
  • It has sufficient capability to cut the high branches that range from ten feet to fifteen feet overhead
  • The chainsaw of this tool can be removable quickly from a pole
  • Lock clamps and flip quickly protect pole length with a nonslip grip that offers comfortable use
  • You can loosen a saw chain whether the tension of chain had adjusted during the operation


  • Tool-less saw attachment to a pole
  • This versatile saw is excellent for both light cutting and pruning
  • Lightweight whether used as the traditional chainsaws
  • Cheap Pole Saw


  • Some quality problems reported
  • Heavy while working on a pole

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Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Best Electric Pole Chain Saw

It takes both the difficulty and danger out of cutting or trimming the overgrown trees. You can stand on a solid ground safely and just adjust the telescoping pole of Saw Joe for gaining about 15 ft of an overhead reach.sun joe pole saw  Powered by the robust and powerful 6.5A motor, this tool can handle even the limbs of stubborn trees about 7.5 inches of thick. It also features the 8 inches of Oregon bar and a chain with the auto-oiler option. This option keeps both the chain and bar lubricated while using. Moreover, it has a built-in protective switch for avoiding accidental starting. Read More

Key Features:

  • The automatic lubrication system comes with a window for gauging the level of oil
  • Rubber-covered and ergonomic handle for better comfort
  • Plastic blade protective cover for secure storage
  • Consistent output, reliable start-ups, zero emissions and low noise
  • Meets the ETL listing quality and safety standards
  • Consistently power up even with a push of single button as well as features a secure switch for preventing the accidental start
  • Features the 8 inches of chain and Oregon bar with the auto-oiler for keeping the chain and bar lubricated while using


  • The automatic lubrication system of chain enables excellent lubrication, and this option has transparent opening for an oil reservoir
  • It has the lock for a pole which is easy to tighten, secure and adjust
  • Ideal for pruning and trimming
  • Cheaper in Price


  • Oil leaking issues
  • It quickly heats up

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WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw 10-Inch

The 2-in-1 WORX pole saw and the chain saw is a multifunctional and unique tool. It comes with an 8-foot of extension pole for reaching increased limbs without any ladder. longest pole saw You can remove a pole to chop up all fallen limbs. It is a low-maintenance tool that includes the patented and auto-tensioning chain device for extending the overall lifetime of a chain and bar. Furthermore, the toll-free and automatic chain tensioning device and mechanical oil pump come with a level indicator that makes it easier to maintain and operate. The 10-inch compact powerhouse also includes the rotatable handle used for smooth pruning. Read More

Key Features

  • Ideal for a light to the medium-duty pruning, clean-up and trimming around the garden
  • The patented auto-tension system for improved chain and extended bard life
  • The 2-in-1 tool design features chainsaw plus pole saw for excellent versatility
  • The most powerful 8A motor provides consistent performance
  • The toll-free extension pole additions make it convenient to convert between the functions
  • The mechanical chain oiler comes with the oil level indicating facility for easy monitoring
  • Ability to reach roughly about 10 feet with a pole evenly extended
  • The overall capacity of an oil tank is four fl. oz.


  • Suitable tool for a light to average duty lambing, trimming, pruning and cleaning around a garden
  • Operates without any tools and need less maintenance
  • Includes rotatable handle for aiding with the finest pruning


  • The oil pump of this pole has some tendency for leaking after some days of use
  • The chain quickly loses its sharpness

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Oregon Cordless 40V Max PS250-A6 Pole Saw with 4.0 Ah Battery

This PS250-A6 40V Oregon pole saw has a mid-mount motor design that offers excellent weight balance and distribution. This unique engineering creates a real user-centric tool which is distinctive to cordless saw industry.steel pole saw It also includes extendable and tool-free fiberglass that let tool for extending from roughly about 7’3” to 10’4” as well as offers 14’15’ reach. A high-torque performance of this device has controlled by the planetary and custom designed gear reduction device permitting for the most efficient power transfer. It also comes with a cutting head or top for lightweight maneuverability, minimized increased weight and enhanced cutting flexibility. Read More

Key Features

  • The Lithium-Ion battery of 40V MAX for about five hundred cut on two to 3 inches branches
  • It includes mid-mount motor design used for excellent tool balance as well as minimal elevated weight
  • The premium battery technology includes stable no-fade power
  • The planetary gear lessening system generates a proficient power transfer
  • It has small cutting head and 8 inches of cast and hard-aluminum branch cutting hook permit for a better cutting flexibility
  • Instant beginning – full freedom from the cords, pull-free cords, no gas-oil blend, no emission and no warm-up
  • Ergonomically designed to be balanced, quiet, light-weight and low-vibration


  • Completely extended, it has an utmost reach of fifteen feet
  • It has excellent battery life
  • The automatic oil has a clear oil level indicating option that let user see the level of oil


  • Expensive when compared to the other models
  • Cutting chain includes a propensity to jump

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Remington RM2599 Maverick

The Remington RM2599 Maverick Gas Pole saw is an opulent easy to use gas pole saw designed to help you in your gardening chores. The pole saw makes the limbs and branches accessible easily without the use of a ladder. Equipped with a 7-foot extention pole with an 8-inch bar and Quick Start technology with a 25cc 2-Cycle Engine, this pole saw also comes with an auto oiler to make sure that the saw runs smoothly without any inconvenience.

Key Features:

  • The Pole saw has a reach of up to 8ft making the high branches accessible.
  • Equipped with a powerful and long lasting 40-Volt Lithium-Ion smart battery.
  • Comes with an auto oiler to keep the chain lubricated and Oiler Level indicator Window to keep a check on the oil level.
  • Boasts a Front Adjust Chain Tensioning System to seamlessly tightening the chain.
  • Instant push button to start up the device saves the hassle of pulling a cord and energy.
  • Comes with a 4-year warranty with a 2 year warranty on battery and charger.
  • The 40V Lithium-Ion smart battery can be used on other outdoor tools too.


  • Powered by a fierce 25cc 2-Cycle Engine.
  • Gives the user a reach of 12 feet.
  • Auto oiler to keep the chain functioning smooth.
  • Multipurpose with a removable section on an extension pole.


  • Holding it long can cause strain on the shoulders or upper body.
  • Uses gas as a fuel so less clean than an electric pole saw.

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Poulan Pro 967044201 40V Pole Saw, 8″

The Poulan Pro 40V Pole saw is a power packed tool that comes with a 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery providing a considerable amount of power and reliability. The cord gives you a reach of up to 8ft to cut off those branches without using a ladder. The pole saw comes with an instant push-button start which saves you the hassle of pulling a cord. Its powerful battery is long lasting and the engine makes very less noise which helps in not disturbing the neighbourhood.

Key Features:

  • The Pole saw has a reach of up to 8ft making the high branches accessible.
  • Equipped with a powerful and long lasting 40-Volt Lithium-Ion smart battery.
  • Comes with an auto oiler to keep the chain lubricated and Oiler Level indicator Window to keep a check on the oil level.
  • Boasts a Front Adjust Chain Tensioning System to seamlessly tightening the chain.
  • Instant push button to start up the device saves the hassle of pulling a cord and energy.
  • Comes with a 4-year warranty with a 2 year warranty on battery and charger.
  • The 40V Lithium-Ion smart battery can be used on other outdoor tools too.


  • Long lasting 40V Lithium Ion Smart battery.
  • Gives user a reach of 8ft.
  • Auto oiler and Oiler Level Indicator makes the functioning and usage smooth.
  • Smart battery avoids harmful emissions
  • Long and durable with a 4 years warranty


  • Holding it up for too long may cause shoulder or upper body ache.
  • The battery takes 2 hours to charge fully.

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Husqvarna PA1100 Pole Saw:

husqvarna pole sawWhen you have a yard with lots of tall trees in it, it is necessary to cut and trim them properly to avoid any accidents. But calling a professional every time you need to cut tall branches can be expensive. Which is why it is always a good idea to keep pole saws handy. These beasts can take care of the thickest branches on the tallest trees. Attachments like the Husqvarna PA1100 trimmer make it easier to do these works.

Key Features:

  • The Husqvarna PA1100 trimmer attachment fits a range of different products. Some of the Husqvarna models that it fits are 323LD, 324LDx, 125LDx, 128DJx, 325LDx, 327LDx, 326LDx
  • The reliable trimmer Husqvarna PA1100 attachment is a pretty heavy duty pole saw attachment
  • The dimensions of this beast of an attachment are 44.7 inches by 5.1 inches by 7.5 inches
  • When the heavy duty trimming attachment is fitted to a pole saw, it makes it even easier to reach and take care of tall and thick branches without having to leave the safety of the ground even once
  • The pole saw attachment may be a beast when it comes to work but is only 7.95 pounds in weight


  • The attachment comes with a brilliant scabbard
  • It can take of tall branches without the user having to climb a ladder
  • Can cut down 6 inches thick branches with ease


  • While it is usually pretty handy, it only fits a limited range of Husqvarna products so need a compatible model

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Silky 179-39 Hayuchi Professional Pole Saw:

The Silky 179-39 is a beast of a pole saw that can easily take care of all of your hedging, trimming and other silky 179-39 pole sawgardening needs. The aluminium extendable pole is oval in shape and, thus, makes handling the machine in the preferred direction easier. The oval shape also reduces the chances of bending and provides strength and precision at the same time. There are also four rows of teeth that can take care of the most difficult of pruning jobs.

Key Features:

  • The product is versatile enough to not only take care of cutting but also pruning, trimming and hedging
  • The four rows of teeth makes the toughest pruning jobs easier to handle
  • The oval shape of the extendable pole gives it rigidity and precision
  • It can extend easily from 8 feet to 21 feet and give you easy access to the tallest branches. That’s a minimum of 2440 mm and a maximum of 6300 mm.
  • Depending on the user’s height, the maximum reach that it can provide can go up to 26 feet
  • The dependable Silky 179-39 comes with 6.5 teeth every 30 mm, that is, 5.5 teeth every inch
  • It weighs around 6.9 pounds or 3140 grams


  • It can be extended to 21 feet, giving access to the tallest branches
  • Its durable aluminium body makes it lightweight
  • The saw-head does not need any tools while being removed


  • Pins which need to be pressed while extending are very small
  • Cannot be used near electric poles or any wires

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Types of Pole Saws:

Similar to lawn mowers and some other garden tools, there is an extensive range of best pole saws available in the present market. The pole saws are excellent tools that get more and more popular in both the garden and lawn world. There are numerous things to consider before buying anyone, but one initially requires determining the best quality pole saw type you want. There are four different types of saws available now that will surely suit all pruning and trimming needs. You can collect sufficient information about all kinds of devices before making a decision. The following passage aid you to know the major classifications of pole saws that include

1.Electric pole saws

The corded electric saws are maintenance-free as well as effortless to run, making them an ideal option for people with compact to the medium-size gardens. Along with convenient to operate and lightweight features, they also include attractive price list when compared to gas pole saws. The electric saws have better power than the cordless pole saws. These specialized features make electric saws a comfortable medium frequently settled by the homeowners. Unluckily, because it codes, they have the limited operating distance measured as 100 feet.

2. Manual  Pole Saws

Most of the pole saws are available in its basic form, but these manual tools include attached blades which can conveniently extend for cutting the limbs as well as some other hard brush. Most importantly, these manual pole saws need a required manual effort for getting any job done. As since it is preferred by a few homeowners and landscapers now, they are not more as famous as other kinds of these tools because of the effort and time involved in finishing larger tree cutting jobs. Though, whether you are seeking for an affordable choice for taking care or learning of infrequent and minor trimming task around your home, these manual saws are a right choice for you.

3. Gas-Powered Pole Saws

Many types of saws available now, but gas-powered saws appear as the powerful pole saws. They have designed for the heavy-duty trimming task. They have developed to operate smoothly while cutting the thicker branches. These gas-powered tools are ideal for the professional landscapers. They are louder and heavier, as well as costly than the electric models. These are primary downsides of gas-powered saws that make them not suitable for everyone. For maintaining your large property, you prefer this kind of gas-powered pole saw

4.Cordless Pole Saws

They are convenient pole ways are getting better forever. It has equipped with the lithium-ion battery. They can operate anywhere and the run times of these pole saws are sufficient for simple tasks around your house. The additional battery packs are a smart idea with everything code. It is essential for larger tree trimming jobs. It is most significant to note that these pole saws are less powerful when compared to gas-powered or electric models. Even though they are less powerful, a cordless model has a quiet operation that makes your neighbours happy.


How to use a Good pole saw

The pole saws can be very handy, but similar to any cutting device these can be somewhat dangerous also. Many pole saws always come with the instructional booklets, so you can read it before using the tool for the first time for ensuring proper and safe usage.

Before using this tool, you should check it for ensuring your pole saw is a good working condition and secure use. After that, you can clean the space between your position and tree. You can keep in your mind the possible danger of falling big limbs whether you are cutting directly overhead. Once inspect the trimming tool and clean any potential obstructions below the limb of your tree, you require planning the cuts. Also, the trimming of a few branch typically needs an array of jump cuts and preliminary cuts before making a final cut.

While cutting limbs, branches and much more, most of the instant the blade of a pole saw should begin at a top position. While making the jump cuts, though, you will require starting its blade as well as cut from below the limb.  During the cutting process, the gravity is not on your side, so it is significant to keep the tool weight in your mind while making the purchasing decision.

By using your two hands, you can vertically place the pole saw and keep the device in that same position for few minutes for controlling its entire weight. After that, you can adjust the saw position to a cutting spot as well as a remaining portion of its weight on a limb of the tree. With the tool resting on a branch, you can correct your position. You require standing to a side of your stem and never below it when holding this tool at your chest level. Whether you have any adjustable pole saw which can extend while required, you can lengthen it for achieving a safe cutting angle.

Leisurely and in control, start cutting perpendicular to a limb and strive to make the initial cut into your tree as more as possible. It is possible even if you require going in other direction with the remaining parts of cuts.  A simple idea is for making the groove in your tree which will guide you and let you make cutting strokes quickly. It is very normal for a saw to slip sideways in the starting state while cutting the sloped branches. Readjust your tool if it happens.

When the tree branches get to a point where they look similar to it may immediately fall, prepared for retreating safely and quickly if needed. These tools make the cutting completely out-of-reach vines, brush and branches super easy.


Tips on how to maintain your pole saw

It is helpful and essential to perform often maintenance on your tree trimming pole saw for optimizing its complete reliability and increase its lifespan. If you use the pole saws often for trimming trees, they will start to decay. Due to this, it fails to work for a long time in certain years. Many ways are there to keep the pole saw in a proper condition and performing as a new one so that you can follow the right one as per the desire.  The following passage includes lots of maintenance tips that ensure your pole saw is working smoothly and delivers you pleasing performance for a long time.

Routines of daily maintenance:

  • You can clean and wipe down the outside portion of your tree pole saw that includes the place under a protective cover
  • Clean and check its air filter
  • Check to ensure the throttle trigger lock, throttle, and stop option are working properly
  • Check for the fuel leaks
  • Make sure every nut, bolt, and screw is in tight condition

Routines of weekly maintenance:

  • Check the return spring, started and starter cord
  • For gas-powered models, you can remove as well as clean a spark plug
  • Check around a carburetor and examine for ensuring the air consumption is not completely blocked
  • Test the elements of vibration-dampening and ensure that they are working correctly
  • Clean the cooling fins of flywheel

Routines of monthly maintenance:

  • Clean a carburetor
  • Clean a fuel tank
  • Check a fuel filter
  • Clean a fan wheel
  • You can clean a spark plug as well as change if essential
  • You can check every cable and ensure the connections in the pole saws have tightened

Repairing or maintaining the pole saw many require disassembling.You can watch the videos to learn the procedure for dismantling this tool. Most of these guidelines are ideal for gas-powered models only because the cordless and electric-powered models require little maintenance. Whether you select the gas-power model, smart maintenance routines will aid you in preventing damages to the pole saw. Additionally, it also helps to keep a pole saw in a proper working condition.


Top  4 Things To Look For In A Pole  Saw:

If you are in the market for a pole saw , you’ll want to make sure to do your research and find the right one for your situation. There are several different makes and models that offered and you’ll want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Here are the top 5 things to look for when you are shopping for your new pole chain saw

Price: The price of pole saw  is usually around $100-$200. Just because one pole saw is cheaper, does not mean it is inferior. It might just only be suited for smaller jobs, and that may be all you need it for. On the contrary, the higher priced saws are not always the best. Read the reviews to see what previous buyers are saying.

Saw blade size: How big of limbs will you be cutting? Some of the saws can cut up to 10″ in diameter, while others can only cut up to 6″. Think about the type of job you will need the saw for and buy accordingly.

Pole reach: All of the different models have different reach capabilities. In addition, some of them have telescoping poles which can reach even higher. Also, consider the operator’s size when figuring out the height you need to cut at.

Ease of use: While you can save a lot of money and eliminate the need for a ladder, pole saws can still be a chore to use. The saws can get quite heavy after prolonged use, especially when extended to their full length. Make sure you or whoever will be using the saw is physically able to handle the chore.

If you consider these factors into your buying decision, you should end up with the right pole saw for your job. Find all of the top brands for the lowest prices at Amazon.


Best Pole Saw Brands:

Different companies that seek to make one’s gardening experiences easier offer a particular set of tools that often takes care of more than just one’s trimming and hedging needs. These impressive tools are the pole saws that let one switch from trimming hedges to cutting overhanging branches in a matter of seconds. Different models brought out by different companies offer added features with the product but even without those additional features, the pole saws give you a range of 6 feet to almost 11 feet, which means one can reach the tallest branches without ever having to leave the ground.


When Husqvarna started designing pole saws, it made sure it kept the environmental impacts in mind. So the pole saws and other products made by Husqvarna are not only guilt but also hassle-free. Their pole saws have low fuel consumption and release very little harmful gases. The idea is to not only make the users’ work environment but also the overall surroundings a little bit better.

The Husqvarna pole saws also keep the ergonomic factors in mind. They make sure they can reduce the stress on the user as much as possible. They pride in including easy-to-start technologies with their products. The wheel balances inertia in a way that it reduces vibrations caused during use and, consequently, the amount of stress on the user when making use of their products. The pole saws are also powerful enough to saw through the thickest and highest of branches with expert ease.


Remington makes some of the best pole saws and gardening tools in the market making them a well-trusted brand. Their products are not only powerful but also light and easy to use, store and transport. Remington also always puts the user’s safety first and hence its different models feature things like non-slip grips, flip and lock clamps that secure the device at any height and anti-rotation poles. Their pole saw models usually have very low kickback, making holding them up for long amounts of time pretty easy. Some models even have two in one detachable saws. Their special 10 inches long bar and chain design offers durability and ease of use. The extendable upper poles of the models are made of aluminium and include safety clamps that can hold them securely in place. Some products, like the Ranger model, even switch from pole saw to chain saw without any tools.

Black & Decker:

Black & Decker is very popular with a lot of users because of its versatile nature that solves most of one’s home gardening problems in a second. The pole saw feature powerful lithium-ion batteries which are known for their tensile and durable strength. The batteries can also be used with almost any other products in the range, from leaf blowers to string trimmers, drills and circular saws. The possibilities are outstandingly endless and perhaps this versatility is the reason for all the love it gets. The products are often cord free, the lack of tangled wires making using them even easier than usual. You can use the products for almost all of your gardening needs, from cutting to slicing thick branches. The handles have non-slip grips and provide safety and comfort. And if that was not enough, the products can also be taken apart, stored and transported with ease.


The Troy Bilt pole saws are user-friendly in a way that even a person who is new to gardening can get to their trimming and hedging needs within minutes after buying the product. Some of the pole saws, like the PS720 model pole saw, can easily be connected to string trimmers and other attachments without having to use any tools. The pole saw models often feature powerful bar and chain than is automatically oiled. The bars are rugged enough to make their easily through almost 4 inches or more thick branches. One can reach the tallest of branches and easily cut them off without having to use a ladder once. The pole saws have different height options and give one a reach of 11 feet or more. The safety chains that are attached to the model make the products safer to use.  They also come with 2-years limited warranty.


If there is one thing that Ryobi is good at it is knowing what the prospective user of its products needs even before the user can think it. Ryobi’s powerful pole saw come with durable lithium-ion batteries than conveniently be used with a lot of other products. That not only offers you an outstanding amount of versatility but also saves you from burning a deep hole in your pocket every time you need to buy a battery for your other gardening tools that fall in the range. The number of products supported by the same battery can often go up to a good and solid 50.  The battery also features something the company calls the “fade-free” power, making it smoothly run from beginning to end without ever slowing down. The extension poles give one a pretty impressive operating range, from just under 7 feet to almost 10 feet.


Earthwise is known for making everyone’s gardening work easier with their lightweight pole saw. The pole saws are usually electrically powered. They have extendable poles that can be used to reach heights of 9 feet or even higher. This means that one can reach and trim the tallest branches with ease while never leaving the safety of the ground. The products usually are bar and chain models and have very powerful motors than can help you cut off thick branches. The handles of the Earthwise pole saws are telescoping. Products like the PS43008 model are as light as 9 lbs with 8 inches bar and chain. The Earthwise pole and chain saws also come with a solid two years’ worth of warranty. The product packages not only include blade covers and a hardware package but also the very instructive owner’s manual that make using the pole saws easy as cake.


After reading the reviews of 6 Durable and best quality pole saws, the reader will surely get a clear idea about how to choose the right pole saw. Pole saws are vital, but these tools can only work for your well whether your select the pole saw suitable for your requirements.You can always insist on durability and quality factor, but you may also purchase based on your budget. Comparing the features and specifications of best pole saw is another smart way to reach the right decision.

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